Michelle’s OBE

Like all of us, Michelle misses her brother, Erik, very deeply. Although everyone’s journey through grief is unique, she and I seem to be going about it in very similar ways. For one, Michelle longs to see Erik, even to visit him in that other dimension. She’s been more disciplined in her practice in the techniques of astral travel, and that perseverance recently paid off. Here’s her amazing story:

I was lying in my bed around 10:00 PM with my eyes closed. I was very relaxed, so I decided to try astral projection again. I found it was easier to focus my thoughts this time, so I started to peer into the blackness with my eyes closed. With much more meditative success than any previous attempt, I went on to observe really wild flashing lights (with my eyes still being closed). All of a sudden, I could vividly see the detail of a beautiful golden wheat field with a jagged mountain range far off in the distance. My eyes were still closed. It was then that Erik and his girlfriend popped into my thoughts, and I took a short stroll with both of them on a rocky path beside the wheat field. Then came the vibrational stage. My whole body buzzed. It was comparable to a vibrating cell phone going off while touching something hard with a reverberating quality. I also heard a faint buzzing sound. Pretty soon, my existence consisted solely of my conscience. I could sense Erik and his girlfriend next to my bed, rooting my soul on during its attempted exodus from its carnal body. “Come on, come on; you can do it!” Erik was pounding his fist on my bed fervently. I tried to hold my focus by continuing our walk together, but I suddenly snapped out of it. I was too excited. The effort was kind of exhausting, so I decided not to push it and try again some other day. Bad freakin’ ass!

Now, I’m determined to follow her footsteps and practice these techniques regularly. It takes patience, but the payoff, well, there are no words…

Playing with Michelle

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