How Far We’ve Come

For some reason, I forgot to click on the Publish button, and I found it in the drafts folder. Better late than never! I searched to see if there was a duplicate post that was published but couldn't find it, although the search plugin on this Wordpress template isn't the best. Watching this … Continue reading

My Daughter’s Post

Please be sure to read my eldest daughter's poignant entry in her world-renown blog, PrettyShinySparkly. Although her blog usually covers all things light and beautiful, today's was all about her heartrending experience two years ago. Be sure to read the comments … Continue reading

To Our Men and Women in Uniform

It seems fitting to me that today we must spend time today pouring out our love and prayers to soldiers past and present, on the earthly plane and in spirit. Erik used to love all things military, so I'm sure he'd approve. He's probably marching with them now. I will be traveling to Los … Continue reading

Losing a Loved One

To lose a loved one is pure agony. When you lose a child, your grief is compounded exponentially. When you lose that child to suicide, your grief is multiplied to unbearable levels. When that suicide is violent, you become a POW in a private war, tortured mercilessly day after day. In my desire to … Continue reading

Skeptics and Parenting

The other day, someone asked me if I knew that Erik was an exceptionally evolved spirit from the beginning. I've given that a great deal of thought since. Yes, he was an unusually sweet, affection and humble child. He showed great concern when one of us became ill. Erik didn't possess even the … Continue reading