Sweet and Supportive Erik

I found this on Robert's timeline. So, funny!! Here are some great Erik encounters! Story #1 Hello! I have been following Channeling Erik now for a couple months. I have a son in heaven also, born and died July 1, 1977. He lived for an hour after birth. I never got to see him as he was whisked … Continue reading

Dimes from Heaven

Today, Michelle and I went on errands together. In the both the driver's and passenger's door of her car, there's a place to hold a drink and other things, as is the case in most cars. Since we were going to the bank first, I put my two checks to be deposited, my VERY coveted index card with a … Continue reading

Ask Erik: Dana’s Question

These next questions comes from a very worried mother who changed her original requests after a serious family crisis occurred. She was worried for good reason, though.  For me, asking such questions can be scary. I often have to hold my breath and pray as I await the response. Because of the … Continue reading