Ask Erik: Nate’s Questions

Nate contacted me months ago about a dream he had where he was snowboarding in a beautiful hilly landscape. When I asked Erik about the dream, I really didn’t remember the details, because it had been a couple of months since Nate shared it with me. Unless I’m mistaken, I don’t believe Nate knew anything about Erik’s love for snowboarding in the afterlife, so the dream, which he shares below in his response, is truly an amazing testament to the existence of the world of spirit.

Nate also said he experienced a great deal of toe pain in the dream, as if the boot clamps were too tight. Indeed, Erik had trouble with an ingrown toenail on his big toe, which made it difficult, sometimes even unbearable, for him to wear snowboarding boots, ski boots or wakeboard boots whenever it flared up. Please enjoy Nate’s story.

Nate’s Questions

I’d like to ask Erik if that dream was an attempt to communicate with you and if so why? I’d like to ask if you two were connected in the past, too and what role you play in all of this. Lastly, I’d like to ask about Barry. How did he die? Why was he schizophrenic? Was this his destiny? Was he hear to teach something? Learn something? Both? How is he doing now?

One of the reasons I really started an inward spiritual journey, especially my recent daily meditation practice and yoga is to investigate my mind…and really work on cleansing it in a way. It’s so strange. For much of my life there’s been this underlying unhappiness, although, I wouldn’t characterize it that way. My mom always tells me that she wishes I was just happy. The thing is, I’m definitely not unhappy in a depressed kind of sulking way. It’s more like something’s missing. It really, really bothers me in my professional life, since I really don’t like my career, mainly because of the lack of meaning. I often wish that I could be like my co-workers and just be happy with my job and happy to come into the office to do what I do. And I don’t mean meaning like I need to save the world or be some well-known person. I was a line cook while I was in school, and I actually found great satisfaction and meaning in my job. It’s just this ‘feeling’ that’s always been with me that something is missing, or I’m not doing the right thing. I don’t know; sometimes I chalk it up to my sensitive/introverted/empathic nature. Other times I’m not so sure. I certainly do feel guilty about it a lot since I have nothing to complain about. I have an awesome wife, great family, good health, a job, etc.

Ok…this is a bit of rambling, so maybe back on topic? So, at any rate, after reading some of this stuff I’m wondering if there would be anything in past life regression that would help.

My age is 32 and I live in Chicago, IL

Barry was 25 when he passed in March, 2005. I’m not sure of the city of death. The obituary said a memorial service was to be held in Key Biscayne, FL and then another one in St. Louis Park, MN.

Take care and let me know if you need anything else.



Channeling Transcript

Me: This next one comes from a very sweet man, Nate. He’s 32 and lives in Chicago. He had a very good friend named Barry who had schizophrenia and died at the age of 25 either in Florida or Minnesota, not sure which. First of all, Erik, was the dream he had your attempt to communicate with him, with Nate and if so, why?

Erik: Yes, yes…to thank him for all he did for Barry. I wanted to show Nate how awesome it is over here so he wouldn’t worry about Barry or anything. Barry is here with me in Heaven, and he’s like so damn relieved that lifetime is done, OVER! He says it was a suicide.

Me: Oh, okay. You’re still a step ahead of me, Erik!

Erik: And, um—

Me: Was it his destiny to commit suicide?

Erik: Yep. Dude always knew he wasn’t going to live a long, long life, even as a little kid.

Me: Oh!

Erik: Nate was really kind to him. He was a good friend and went above and beyond the call of duty, even when it was hard to be his friend. Barry and me, we hang out a little bit.

Me: Oh, good!

Erik: Yeah, we get together and, uh, when we get together, we discuss philosophy, you know, what our beliefs are and what we can see and what our perspectives are coming from two very different spiritual backgrounds, both of us having killed ourselves and all. Sometimes we go snowboarding, too, but mostly we hang out and talk.

Me: Okay.

Erik: And so, Nate is going to be visited by Barry several more times, but then Barry is going to be reincarnating on the earthly plane.

Me: So why was he schizophrenic?

Erik: It was something he chose to work through to affect him and those around him. People choose to be schizophrenic for different reasons, but Barry chose it to learn about patience, about pacing himself on the earthly plane, about self-indulgence, uh, hang on.


Erik: About asking others for help, so he chose it for some pretty major reasons and to launch into some pretty big issues. He was hoping that with such a serious condition he’d make a lot of headway with those issues.

Me: I can imagine. Was he there to teach anything, too?

Erik: In this last lifetime, Barry was there on the earthly plane mostly to learn. Usually it’s both, but for him, it was more about learning this time.

Me: Were Nate and Barry connected in the past?

Erik: Those two are platonic soul mates. They’ve been in tons of lifetimes together. They’ve been brothers, father and son, mother and daughter; they’ve had a lot of very close relationships. In fact, Mom, in this lifetime, Barry says they weren’t as close in relationship as they usually were. It’s almost like they were two ships passing in the night, compared to other lifetimes.

Me: Why is that?

Erik: Nate didn’t really have that much to learn from Barry. They were supposed to share some experiences, but this lifetime was more about Barry learning from others. Nate was not going to be in a position where he could provide Barry with enough adversity that he needed to work from.

Me: Okay. Nate has one more question. He has this underlying unhappiness. He’s not depressed; he just feels like something is missing. He wishes he could find fulfillment from his job like his co-workers do.

Erik: He can’t find satisfaction like his co-workers do, because he stands apart from them. Nate’s there as a spiritual teacher, and everyone around him is his student. The type of work they find exciting and fulfilling he finds mediocre. He feels like he’s settling to be there. His guides say it’s perfectly okay for him to acknowledge what he does have, but he also needs to recognize that he’s ready to move on. He’s outgrown what he’s doing, and a good time for him to move on is going to be October. So, I recommend Nate get his resume together and start looking for something else. Eventually, Nate’s gonna be happiest with his own business.

Me: Okay.

Erik (chuckling): Nate is the kind of guy who likes to decide when and where he works, how much money he wants to make. He wants to make those choices for himself instead of other people dictating these for him. He’ll have one to two more jobs before he starts his own business. It’ll be in his early forties and he has lots of happiness ahead. But one of the reasons he feels this unhappiness is because he’s completely outgrown what he’s doing and he’s ready to move on.

Nate’s Response

Elisa – so good to hear from you!!

Thanks so much for asking these questions – it really, really means a lot to me.  That’s good news hearing that Barry is okay. The dream that I had was basically me snowboarding.  Although I don’t snowboard, I do (or used to) downhill ski quite a bit.  In fact, Barry and I along with a bunch of other friends stayed in Winter Park Colorado during one of our winter breaks in college skiing and working in the lodge.  It is one of my fondest memories of my college years.  Barry liked to ski as well. Also, in the dream, I specifically remember my toe hurting and looking down at my foot and thinking ‘why is my foot clamped down that way?’  It was like a metal clamp (more like a cross-country ski) rather than a snowboarding binding.  I remember it feeling so real that I was actually scared at a couple of points b/c I was going up and down these crazy hills.  If felt real, but it was almost like a video game or something (i.e. the terrain I was snowboarding on would never be on a ‘real’ mountain).

I miss Barry a lot and he did seem to be some sort of soul mate or something.  It’s crazy how you meet some people and there’s just this natural connection.  I felt like that with Barry.  We had so much in common and were very alike in our personalities.  It just boggles my mind that I had this great friend in college who I lost contact with, then found out he passed, then found your blog and asked these questions and now your son and him occasionally hang out.  It’s crazy, it’s neat and well, I don’t know.  It’s hard to put into words.

BTW – I can’t remember, but did I tell you anything about my current job (like even mentioning I don’t like it)? The comments mentioned about that really hit home.  A lot of my current ‘stuckness’ comes from not being happy in my work.  Actually, I’ve never been happy in the work I’ve been doing.  I’m really making a conscious effort to change that and re-evaluate what my passions are, what I’m naturally good at and what I can share with the world.  I’m involved in a course right now to help me do this.  The last comment is so dead-on.  When I think about what would be some of the things that would bring me fulfillment, it’s:  setting my own hours, choosing where I work (e.g. DEFINITELY not in an office everyday), and choosing who I work with, which is why I’ve been exploring entrepreneurship.  I’m still working on what kind of business I could start.  Baby steps are being made, so I’m definitely happy with that.

Again, I want to thank you so much for doing this.  What you are doing is amazing and it truly is a blessing to have met you and Erik!

Much metta to you!!


I know I’ve said it before. In fact, I probably sound like a broken record. But the truth is, Erik and I are blessed to have met you all. We receive so much more than we give, and we love you all. Thanks so much for giving Erik a chance to find meaning and fulfillment at last.

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