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Tracy’s Questions

Dear Elisa,

I think the boys have definitely hooked up because my PC crashed this afternoon and I had to wait for my husband, Neil to come home from work so I could use his laptop.  Someone is messing around with my electrics!

Shortly after Adam’s death I visited a medium as part of an audience.  I had a reading from her and she said she had my son with her and he wanted to come back to the family as a baby.

I didn’t think too much on this as I couldn’t quite comprehend it and, in any case, I wanted Adam to be Adam and not anyone else.  Besides, his younger brother, Ryan was only 15 at the time and his older sister, Chloe, 20 had a career and no interest in having babies yet.

However, on 5th September last year, Chloe had a son, Charlie. That was Adam’s due date – (he was born early on 27th August) – a coincience in itself.

Charlie has shown many character traits similar to his uncle Adam, but could he really be Adam and Adam still be in spirit?  Can’t really get my head around it and would love some light shedding on it.

Now for the information you requested.  I’m 46 and live in the small village of Marybank near Inverness. Adam was 18 when he died with his friend, Duncan in a car accident. Duncan was driving. They were on the A9 going south and the accident happened near Pitlochry. Their bodies were taken to Perth as it was nearer than Inverness.

Once again, Elisa, thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to do this for me.  You really are so generous of spirit to be thinking of me and other parents in our position when you are going through such terrible grief yourself.

Look forward to hearing the answers from the afterlife.

Love and blessings,

Tracy xx

Channeling Transcript

Me: Okay, Sweetie. This next one is from Tracy. She’s 46, living is Marybank in Australia. Her son, Adam, died in a car wreck at the age of 18. The driver was his friend, Duncan, who also died in the accident. Uh, it happened near a city called Pitlochry.

Jamie: I can only see Duncan. Erik only brought him along.

Me: Oh, okay.

Jamie (giggling): Erik’s laughing! He’s sitting on the back of my couch with his legs over the side.

Me: Oh, I can just see him doing that.

Jamie laughs.

Jamie: Yeah, only Duncan is here.

Me: Does Duncan have anything to say?

Jamie: He’s kind of a thin boy; he looks young, though, like 18, 19. But he just says—oh, he’s thanking you for your work!

Me: Oh!

Erik: He says what we do is very wonderful to many people, Mom.

Me: Aw, that’s sweet.

Erik: He says his friend is back in a body, and he’s back with his family. So it was a great time for him to start over. He jumped at the chance to go back when the opportunity came up. But his death wasn’t his time to go. It wasn’t his destiny.

Me: Funny you should mention that, because her daughter had a son, Charlie, on Adam’s due date which is kind of a coincidence. So I guess Tracy’s wondering if Charlie, her grandson, is the reincarnation of Adam.

Jamie: Yes he is, so that’s why I only see Duncan here, then!

Duncan: I feel bad that I was the driver, but I’m glad Adam found a way to come back in.

Erik: Duncan also says it was his destiny to die when and how he did, so he’s staying behind.

Me: Okay, so just to clarify, it was meant for him to die but not Adam?

Erik: Yep.

Me: So what happened to cause things to go so wrong?

Jamie: Duncan kind of smiles and puts his head down, kind of shy. He’s very shy and doesn’t talk real loud.

Duncan: Many things happened that went wrong. Mostly it was in my control, and I couldn’t steer the car; I couldn’t do what I wanted, so I had to just go with the weather. I’m so sorry.

Erik: He says at the last minute he made a different maneuver than he would have. And he says that’s what he thinks caused his friend’s death.

Me: Anything else he wants to say? Does he have any messages for his family or anyone else? Or is there anything you or Duncan want to share about Charlie, Erik?

Erik: Charlie’s very happy where he is now. He’s gonna have the same mannerisms as Adam. This is gonna be more and more obvious as Charlie gets older.

Me: God, he’s his own uncle. That’s so weird.

Jamie giggles.

Erik: Yeah, but like I said, Adam’s so happy to be back in the family. He’s gonna totally be in love with family, being around family, not being alone, not being left –that’s going to be very important to him this time. It’s like he learned how important family is to him because of all this, even more than he did before. Oh, and he likes to hang around his mom a lot still. So when his body is asleep, I mean, uh, when Charlie’s asleep like taking a nap, Adam sometimes leaves the body and hangs with Tracy.

Me: Oh, that’s good. That’s wonderful.

Tracy’s Response

Dear Elisa and Erik,

Thank you for such a quick response.  I wasn’t expecting anything for a couple of weeks.

Oh, Duncan. He was such a lovely, shy boy and even though he caused the accident that killed Adam, I never bore him a grudge, because I liked him so much, and his mum lost him also. Adam was the confident one out of the two. Duncan always had his head down and spoke little. It was dark and foggy when they crashed. Duncan was overtaking a car on what he thought was a dual carriageway, but in the fog, he probably hadn’t noticed that the road had gone back to single track. His small car was no match for the huge 4-wheel-drive vehicle they hit head-on. That’s what he meant by the weather.

I am really sad, however because although I am thrilled to have it confirmed that Charlie is my Adam, someone I can physically hug, I feel that Adam is now gone from me. My boy won’t be waiting for me when I go to Heaven.

That explains why there was no mention from him when my dad came through when I had a message from that medium a couple of weeks back.

I always thought everyone died because it was their destiny, unless, as in Erik’s case, they choose to go home early. You see, I would be more at ease with Erik’s decision, because it was what he truly wanted for his own happiness, but I’m convinced Adam didn’t want to go.

Chloe had several dreams after he passed where he was pacing up and down as he was so angry, and she couldn’t figure out why. I hate to think he realized he was gone, and he was upset about it, because he wouldn’t get to live out his life as Adam

Charlie recently started to say his first words: Dad, Mom and Adam. Chloe says he walks around saying, “Adam, Adam,” and no one really says it much around him (although it is his middle name.) And every time he sees Neil, my husband, he just chuckles, all the time. It’s like they have a private joke going on. He just loves his Grandpa, and we don’t see him all that regularly as they live on the Isle of Skye, two hours drive away.

Before I go, I have to tell you about last nights dream. Strangely synchronous since I’ve heard from you today.

I was in America walking down a street, and a group of young people were standing chatting outside a shop. One of the boys, a handsome, fair-haired boy, ushered me inside. In my dream, we knew each other, although I don’t know him in life.

On the inside I saw a young guy with curly hair sitting in a chair. It was Erik! I looked at him and said, “I know you from somewhere.” Beside him sat a lady with curly wet blonde hair, waiting to get it done. We were in a hair salon. I looked around and all of you, Erik’s family, were sitting around the salon. I recognized you all from the photos on your blog!

Next I got in my hire car and went with you all to a barbecue where I was helping the guy who I knew (but do’nt really know), to cook some fish on the barbecue.

I woke up this morning feeling really connected to you all, but Adam was’nt there.

Thank you so much for the reading, I really appreciate it.  It answers the one big question we all wanted answering.  However, I do feel as though I’ve completely lost Adam now.   I was hoping he could be two people at once, I suppose.

Sending you and Erik, much love and light in gratitude,

Tracy xx

Adam Fishing

Adam and Tracy

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