Erik Plays with Arley (and Other Cool Stuff)

Dang, it’s so hard to come up with a suitable title when the entry is about all sorts of random stuff, but hopefully the following will offset the sucky title.

A couple of days ago, I was talking (through Jamie) to Erik about one of my daughter’s grief and anger issues. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, she’s now struggling with what she considers to be a selfish act on Erik’s part. Her anger seeps out as road rage, anti-political rants, etc. It’s hard to lambaste a dead brother, especially when you adore him so deeply, so any other target is fair game.

Anyway, Erik recommended EFT. Jamie had to ask for clarification: “What Erik? EF? What’s EF? I don’t understand what you’re trying to tell me. (pause) Body tapping? I don’t know what that is.” After the session, I shared this information with my daughter who, after a quick google search, finds all sorts of information about EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques. Although I hadn’t had enough time to research the subject as well, within 20 minutes, Michelle not only devoured all the online information she could about it, she also found a provider and booked a session. The EFT provider, Helen Racz, thought it was very interesting that the referral came from her deceased brother! So Michelle, Robert (of Channeling Erik fame) and I all decided to attend one of the free sessions that she holds every Thursday night.

We decided to catch a bite to eat before the session, and as we were waiting for our dinner to be served, Michelle’s husband, Shane, calls us all excited. He’s never been big believer in spiritual phenomena, but, after what he had just witnessed, that may no longer be the case. He said that Arley (their two and a half year-old daughter) had opened the pantry door, looked in, then slammed it shut, squealing in delight. Shane asked her if someone was in the pantry, and she said, “Yes,” still giggling away. So he asked, “Who’s in there?” She responded, “Erik,” and continued to share how she and Erik were playing together. I have a feeling that wasn’t all Erik was doing. Knowing him, he was probably looking for Cocoa Krispies and Marshmallow Creme.

Arley and Smoky

So, after a wonderful and eventful dinner, we drove to the EFT meeting just a few blocks away. Michelle was the first guinea pig for the evening, so, of course, anger and grief were the topics. At this point, I still knew nothing about the techniques or the theory behind EFT. The first thing Helen had us do is recall a memory that was painful for us, and, without knowing it, Michelle, Robert and I all chose the same scene: Erik, sitting dead in chair in a pool of his own blood. As you can imagine, every time that horrible graphic assaults me, my heart sinks. I’m filled with a sense of despair and dread and emptiness all at once. I suppose I could have chosen other memories, but this is one I needed to confront and heal. Then, we follow along, mimicking Helen as she taps various points on Michelle’s body. We also repeat various statements she says about anger such as, “I’m angry. I’m afraid if I let go of this, I’ll have nothing left.” Eventually, these statements are replaced by affirmations like, “I can do without this anger. I am still whole without this pain.” I can’t remember the script word for word, but their was a great deal of variety in what Helen said.

After about 15 or 20 minutes, Helen asked us to revisit the memory and analyze the feelings it evoked. Upon reflection, what I discovered truly floored me. The heavy emotional charge was gone. No dread, no pain, no sadness, no emptiness, no nothing. Poof, just peace. Weird, isn’t it? And for the first time in months, I slept like a log that night. This morning, I purposely recalled that memory, and still, there was no more emotional charge associated with it. I don’t know exactly what happened, what energy channels were unblocked, but wow, such a simple technique with such powerful results! If anyone has their own EFT stories to share, please do!

I’d like to close now with a captivating video demonstrating the power of intent. In this case, a woman’s bladder cancer, viewed in real time on ultrasound, disappears within three minutes of being subjected to the healing powers of three Chinese energy workers. I found this on Victor and Wendy Zammit’s website. If you haven’t registered for their weekly “Friday Afterlife Report” series, I suggest you do! Oh, and don’t forget to “share the love” through Facebook and other social networking venues!

Gregg Braden on Spiritual Healing

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