Best of Erik: EFT

I've had EFT and have gone to a professional for it, too. Erik was the one who recommended it to me, and I know he's recommended it to others, including some of my family members. I've never seen it not work. Our energetic body has a certain pattern of meridians that the tapping changed. I love … Continue reading

Spiritual Basis for Illness

This entry, we're only just beginning to explore the spiritual rationale for various disorders and diseases. As he says somewhere below, Erik promises to continue to find out more. Evidently, it's not a simple "one cause for one disease" scenario. Each disease or disorder can have a variety of … Continue reading

Energy Blockages

My father has been suffering from influenza and now has post-influenzal staphylococcal pneumonia. If you can, send him the energetic healing he needs. Time to recharge those frickin' lasers and aim them at his lungs! Thanks guys! Channeling Transcript Me: Okay, here’s another one from a reader. … Continue reading

EFT Introductory Videos

Here's a great introduction on EFT. The first 8 minute long video explains the science behind it, and the second one is an introduction to the tapping technique. A mere 18 minutes long, you all can try it for yourselves. For me, the results were no less than stunning. The memory I worked on was the … Continue reading