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Channeling Transcript

Me: Okay, let’s talk about children. You know, some of them die so early, so young, that they don’t really have time to be indoctrinated with a specific belief system. So, what is their death experience like? Oh, and what is the afterlife like for them too?

Erik: Well, Mom, everyone has a different experience, even children.

Me: Yes, I know, but aren’t there some general differences comparing children’s experience with those of adults who have developed all these fears about death or have rigid religious beliefs?

Kim: May I answer that question, Elisa?

Me: Oh, yeah, sure!

Kim: I’ve channeled with many, many children who are to depart soon, and it’s often children who are ill or terribly injured who are reassuring their older siblings or parents or grandparents that everything’s going to be okay. They have a much easier ability to see their guardian angels, to sense, to intuit very plainly, clearly what’s happening and why, that it’s going to be okay, that they’re going to end up back in heaven, they’re going to be with their angels, they’re going to be with God, they’re going to be with other loved ones who are still in heaven. And so they have a very different experience in that if they have an injury or an ailment, they’re able to pass very often—not in every single case, but often—very calmly with the soul passing out of the body. It can be a very pleasant experience even if they’re suffering pain.

Me: Good. That makes perfect since.

Kim: Now, children who are murdered or who are being horribly abused, their passing is not as pleasant. In other words, if children feel like they’re having more control over their passing like with an injury or ailment, they have people around them to take care of them generally, but if they have an adult who is abusing them, they suffer until their soul pops out of the body, and then they’re like everybody else. The soul joyously returns to heaven and resumes it’s life there.

Me: Gosh, I can’t bear the thought of a child suffering like that. Can’t they get out of the body before it gets too awful?

Erik: Yes, of course. And they do. It’s just not as pain-free a death as when kids die after a period of time with injuries or diseases. If the death is sudden like with a car accident or something, there’s not much time to feel any pain.

Me: Well, I guess that makes me feel a little bit better. Okay, here’s another question from a reader: “Is Erik aware of people who are asleep on the earthly plane just sort of popping into the afterlife for a visit?”

Erik: Oh, that happens all the time! Out of body experiences, that happens all the time! And what’s cool about that is that you can’t tell the difference between them and a soul that lives in heaven.

Me: Oh, wow!

Erik: We’re all the same; we all have the same characteristics when the soul is out of the body. It’s only when the soul goes into a physical body that it takes on different characteristic, physical, of course, but nonphysical too.

Me: Exactly. Now, are there souls in a sort of “rest period” or in suspended animation while their physical body is asleep at which time their guides are looking after them?

Erik: The only resting period I know of, Mom, is when human beings choose not ot move forward or when guardian angels set up a resting period for a person if they need time to weigh, think, analyze or just heal and recover before they move forward.

(Now that I transcribe this, I wish I had clarified what he means by rest period. He’s speaking about a rest period for the incarnate soul. How is that rest period characterized? Does he mean that there will be a period of time when the shit won’t hit the fan 24/7? I know in the next session, I ask some of these same questions, but I can’t remember the answers. Hopefully, they’ll be some clarification.Sorry guys. Maybe some of you can clarify this point for me.)

Me: Okay. Here’s another question from a blog member: “Are lucid dreams periods of time when we actually ‘wake up’ while we’re asleep in our dimension?”

Erik: Oh yeah. And lucid dreams can include trips to the afterlife while you’re sleeping, places you can visit on a soul level on the earthly plane—maybe something’s going on, something’s taking place, and you want to be witness to it—and lucid dreams might be when your deceased loved ones and guides visit you so you can spend time with them—

Me: So what’s the difference between a lucid dream and a regular dream? In both, we project our consciousness, but in a lucid dream does it project in a different way or a further distance?

Kim: A lucid dream is when we are in the dream, but we know we’re dreaming, and we still have conscious thought processes going on. “Oh my God, I’m in this dream, and look, there’s Aunt Bertha!”

Me: Oh, I see!

Kim: And we have total recall of lucid dreams.

Me: Is there more of a connection with the brain—the physical brain? Is that why? Is it recorded in the brain more reliably or in a different way so it can all be remembered?

Kim: It has more to do with the soul. The soul will project itself where it wants to go to help it learn, grow and evolve.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Or sometimes a soul just wants to play and have fun and rest and enjoy itself.

Me: I’m hearing Cindi Lauper in my head singing, “Souls just wanna have fun!”

Kim: I know this is on a frivolous level, but one time I had Dean Martin come and sing with me and dance with me,and it was a BLAST!

Me: That’s so cool, Kim! And do we ever project our consciousness to help souls on the earthly plane or in the afterlife?

Erik: Yes to both. It can be conscious, uh, like before you go to sleep, you can ask your soul, “Can I do this, can I do that,” and the soul will do that when it feels like it’s the best time and if it’s a good thing for you to do. Of course you ARE your soul, but I word it this way to help explain things. You humans like to separate things and make barriers and borders, so it’s easier for you to imagine asking the soul as if it’s a separate entity.

Me: So you’re saying you have to dumb things down for us peons in the remedial class?

Erik: You said it Mom, not me!

(Erik and I laugh.)

Me: Well, why are we sometimes more aware of some of our dreams like we’re totally asleep wandering around in the afterlife or whatever, and we don’t remember what we’ve done when we wake up?

Erik: Some dreams are meant to help you record activities and thoughts that you’ve done or had in the soul’s memory bank, just recording like you’re hitting the “save” button. Then you might revisit places you’ve been and some of the things you’ve done as a way of, you know replaying what the soul recorded. Also, there are some awarenesses that the soul will direct you toward that you don’t need to remember when you wake up.

Me: Okay.

Erik: And of course other times you remember things with total recall. It’s a perfect design. Your Higher Self knows exactly what needs to be sorted into the subconscious like on a soul level and what needs to go to the conscious level to best help growth and progress. So the things the soul wants you to remember on a conscious level, you remember.

Me: I see. That makes total sense.

Erik: If it’s just recording what you’ve already done or said, and you’ve pretty much healed from it, uh, if it’s something nonessential, you’re probably not going to have recall.

Me: Okay, here’s the last thing I’d like you to comment on, Erik. One member writes: “This actually puts a totally different spin on which is the true reality: here or the afterlife. Do we wake up our soul to be in the afterlife, or do we wake up our body to be in the physical life? Maybe death is actually our soul waking up from bad dream.” In some cases, I’d call it more of a nightmare, but—

Erik: There is no differentiation, Mom. You’re alive on earth; you’re alive in the afterlife. Anywhere the soul travels, anywhere it is, it’s alive and well. The soul can travel to different planets. It doesn’t just have to travel to earth. Hell, we can travel around the Universe with aliens if we want.

Me: So, the “true reality” is—

Erik: Wherever the soul happens to be at the time.

Me: Okay, good. Interesting.

Erik: Yeah, and when a soul is over here in the afterlife, that doesn’t mean the earthly plane doesn’t exist. It’s still a reality of another dimension. It’s just a perspective thing. Our “true reality” is wherever we happen to be at the time.

Me: But where’s our true home, then?

Erik: Heaven. Heaven. We go to the earthly plane when we go on vacation.

Me: Damn, Erik. Some vacation! I want my money back! I need a new travel agent!

(Kim and Erik laugh.)

Kim: Guess what, Baby, YOU are your own travel agent! We are our own travel agents. WE decide what we’re going to experience!

Me: Well, that’s it, then. I’m fired!

Kim (laughing): So no gifts on Boss’s Day?

Me: No, not for me!

Kim (still laughing): I think many other people would feel that way too!

Me: Well, I guess that’s it for this session. I want to say thank you, Kim for your wonderful mediumship skills, and Erik, I miss you and love you Baby. I’m so proud of you and how far you’ve come. You’re helping so many people, and you’re just getting wiser and wiser by the minute.

Erik (blushing): It’s really fun, Mom. I like what I’m doing. I’m still learning, though, getting my training as a spiritual guide. Oh, and I love you too, Mom. I know things are kinda rough this time of year—

Me: As long as I know my boy is happy and fulfilled, I can bear any amount of pain.

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