“Life” Without a Body

After talking about suicide in this session, it was a nice change to ask questions about something less morbid: additional abilities of the discarnate soul. Enjoy!

Channeling Transcript

Me: Okay, off that dreary subject! Someone from the blog wants to know how much time a soul spends analyzing its most recent life as opposed to other past lives it had.

Erik: That’s a “time” question again, Mom!

Me: Yeah, I guess, because everything is happening at once! We’re like this multidimensional self experiencing infinite probable lives all at once, right?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: And you’re privy to all of that when you’re on that side, then, so do you see all your probable lives—present, past and future?

Erik: “Privy?” Really, Mom.

Me: Hey, go easy on me. I’m just trying to say more than just my usual “okay,” “uh huh,” and “yeah.”

Erik laughs.

Erik: Yeah, I can tap into any of them, because they’re all a part of “me.”

Me: Okay. Interesting. Now, you say you and I are platonic soul mates. Does that mean we never go into a physical life without each other? That’s not true, is it?

Erik: No, platonic soul mates don’t have to incarnate together, correct.

Me: Okay. Here’s another blog member question: It’s about the transition back Home. If a soul has been there before, shouldn’t that soul remember how to live there? It seems like you describe some souls, including yourself, that had to relearn some skills.

Erik: For most people, there’s a relearning period. The spiritual amnesia—

Me: Has to wear off.

Jamie (laughing): You guys are saying the same thing at the same time!

Me: Oh my god, that’s cool! So it’s all about an orientation, basically.

Erik: Well think about it. Sometimes the body just dies so quickly and SLAM, you’re right back in another place; your consciousness still wants to function as if it was a human being.

Me: Ah!

Erik: So there’s gotta be some sort of wear off, you know. And then you wake up and you realize, uh, your capabilities—they slowly come back to you.

Me: Alright. That makes total sense. Now, one blog member says here that you mentioned that when we die, we become sort of all-knowing.

Erik: Yeah, like a goddamn teenager.

Me (chuckling): Yeah, once they hit 13, they know it all!

Erik laughs.

Me: Okay, but do you gain knowledge about all the great mysteries of the world, heck, the universe? Do we know all the details of the world’s history that are unknown today, great mysteries of civilization like how they built the pyramids, who shot J.F.K., blah, blah, blah? In other words, do you become omniscient?

Erik: Those are all things you can find out, if that’s your goal.

Me: Okay, so you can pretty much tap into anything. You don’t “automatically know” these answers right when you cross over, but you can find them out. Is that what you’re saying?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Okay, can you elaborate a little Erik so I have more than yes’s and no’s and short answers?

Jamie laughs.

Me: Unfortunately, we’ve gotten so good at channeling one another that I tend to say what I think you’re going to say before you get a chance to say it. Poor you—you can’t get a word in edgewise!

Erik laughs.

Erik: When you arrive, what keeps you in a moment is your own focus. Right now, I’m focused on you. I’m here in this moment with you. I’m focused on you.

Me: Um hm.

Erik: But I can just simply change my focus to a different need and be somewhere else.

Me: Okay.

Erik: But in this moment, I don’t need to know the makings or mysteries of the world. I don’t need to know all these things. I could relax, broaden my focus, and receive that information. It’s the same talents we have on earth that we refuse to use.

Me: Hmm.

Erik: Because we refuse to believe in them. If we could open up our energetic body—that’s the part that’s really aliveeverything here is a web of information to be tapped into. As long as your belief system is such that you’re open to even asking a specific question and you’re open to its answer, you can access it.

Me: Uh huh.

Erik: The physical body is fed by the energetic body. If we could open that up and allow more energy through, shit, we could do amazing things. Seriously, Mom, we could stop bullets, we could light fires, we could telepathically communicate, we could feed ourselves—

Me: Cool, I wanna learn how to do that! That’s awesome. Like the guy on the Matrix!

Jamie laughs.

Erik: Yes, we could speed up time, we could slow down time.

Me: Yeah, that’s interesting, because I think time is created because consciousness moves through moment points. I guess that’s a whole ‘nuther story, though.

(Pause as I read through the next question)

Me: Okay, since we make life plans and contracts before incarnating, clearly before incarnating, a spirit isn’t a baby. Why is it that when they cross back over, they’re still babies? I mean, I’ve heard a hundred times now that they grow up on the other side, so I don’t doubt it, but it doesn’t make sense to me, especially since there’s no time there anyway. I’m reading this question from a blog member. So, I guess, when a baby dies, they go to heaven or the other side or whatever you want to call it, and they’re still a baby, even though they’ve been grown-ups in many other past lives? How does that work?

Erik: Okay, look, there are a few ways this can play out. Let’s say a family loses their child at age two, and the child doesn’t want to reincarnate; the child wants to stay with the family and continue it’s path of growing up. That way, it limits itself. The child limits itself to behave like a human and grow up.

Me: Ah! I see. (sort of)

Erik: So it still serves as a missing link to the family, though not in a physical body. There are some times when the child passes over and reincarnates back into the family or into another family. And so for that family, it’s like a snapshot in history. The child is two years old; the child will always be two years old.  They have dreams, and the child shows up as two years old. God, Mom, there are so many ways depending on the needs of the family involved and the actual soul involved!

Me: Alright. So they CAN grow up there if they choose to, but they can also just, you know, be the same age as when they passed.

Erik: Yeah, and when they pass over, they can adopt their 30 year-old body from a previous life. They’re pure energy. Their appearance really means nothing to them in terms of who they are, but it means everything to you all there on earth.

Me: Ah!

Erik: And there’s a lot of times—

Jamie listens.

Jamie: Is that true, Erik?

Jamie listens some more.

Jamie: That was through you? Bradley? Really? (pause) I’m going to look this up.

Me: What are y’all taking about?

Jamie: Well, I had a reading this week where a woman wanted to communicate with her grandson—

Me: Uh huh. Wait, you mean Brady? A little boy that was—

Jamie: Rolled over on, yeah.

Me: That’s one of the blog members!

Jamie: Yes, okay. I spoke with her this week, and Erik is saying that, with Brady, um, he died very young, just a few months old.

Me: Um hm.

Jamie: And now when you look at Brady, he’s about three years old.

Me: Okay.

Jamie: And the reason he’s adopting the form of a three year-old is so he can kind of “count down,” because he’s going to be coming back into that family through the same mom in about three years. So adopting that age, he’s going to “grow down” and prepare again to be “trapped” in the uterus, to create his body and then come out.

Jamie and I chuckle.

Me: So it’s like three years from now? Is that what you’re trying to say, Erik?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Very cool! Anything else you wanna say about that before I go on?

Erik: Nah, I’m rattling. Go ahead.

Me: No, like that!

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