Language and the Semantics of Good and Evil

Channeling Transcript

Me: Is our 3-D reality just a projection of our thoughts?

Erik: Yes, it’s all about projection of a focused intent, just like a movie projector would focus a movie on a screen. That’s how manifestation works, and that’s how prayer and affirmation works. And if enough people get together and think of the same thing, they can create that successfully.

Me: Okay. Can you tell me more about angelic sequences and numeric symbols. Are they cosmic, angelic—what’s their purpose? Take 11:11, for example. Almost every time I look at the clock by my bed, it’s 11:11. I hear these may be certain messages or prompts from our guides.

Erik: Yeah, before language developed that way we have it now, we used symbols and numbers. There’s a simplicity to them and a depth of meaning that you can’t get from a string of letters or words. Symbols can hold energetic patterns that can’t be created with words and sentences.

Me: Hm.

Erik: And these symbols that show up, Mom, they come from this universe, other universes—there’s such an expansive collection of races that we’ve shared information with, communicated with.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Here where I am, this is something that’s not taboo or imaginary. We’re at peace with several different races.

Me: Good!

Erik: We are definitely NOT alone, and these symbols—a lot of them—call to people on earth that used to be within these other races and within that time. A lot of us on earth are aliens ourselves.

Me: Funny you should say that, because sometimes I feel like an alien; I feel like I don’t belong in the human race. I don’t know why, but it just seems, uh, I just don’t feel comfortable here on the earthly plane.

Erik: You aren’t, Mom. And another thing about symbols and numbers, they’re not sequential like sentences are. The fact that you have time over there, uh, you have to have sequential, linear language: beginnings, endings, and that’s extremely limiting. We’ve placed those limits on ourselves.

Me: Well I guess we’ve had to have sequences to construct cause and effect scenarios. Isn’t that a good learning tool: “I did this, so this happened? I murdered this guy, so now I see what effect my actions have had on the lives of my family and his. So, I better learn about the sanctity of life.” Maybe a sequential existence has some sort of divine purpose.

Erik: No, Mom, that’s just how humans created it. It’s not how it was given to us, it’s what we did with it.

Me: Well, is there value in it or is it all bad?

Erik: No, I like to think there’s value in everything. It helps to create definitions; it helps us become more tangible, but I think that as a world, we’re growing out of that phase. Now again we’re looking at the purity of how life was given to us. That’s where we’re stuck. That’s where it hurts. What cause and effect shows us—it’s pretty limiting, it’s pretty judgmental, too. And your cause and effect will not be the same as the experience of cause and effect that I have. So when one person says, “When I do this, this happens,” it can’t necessarily apply to any other person but that one. That’s also where we kinda screw up, because we adopt it as a “general rule” or a “general belief” that everything stems from that base rule, when really that base rule might not fit you at all.

Me: Okay. But maybe for that one person it has value. Like if someone does something kind for someone, their life changes for the better. That’s a cause and effect.

Erik: Yeah, but Mom, you’re thinking that positive is better than negative.

Me: Um, yeah, of course!

Erik: That’s another judgment. Within negativity, a lot of incredible experiences can come. We have to remind ourselves, who are we to judge what is the better experience for that person and what isn’t? It can really throw you for a loop, because you have to ditch the idea that there’s right and wrong, good and bad—

Me: Yeah. I’m trying to follow.

Erik: Really, there’s ONLY good. Even the murder and the rape that happens up the street—that’s considered only good.

Me: Oh God, I just don’t know about this.

Erik: People wanna put up a huge fight for that, I know. They want to feel like there’s a wrong that has been done, but that action that’s been forced on somebody else, the wrong is, um—


Jamie: Yeah, see, you don’t have anymore words to use, do you, Erik?

I laugh.

Jamie: He has to use the words “good” or “bad” to describe this, but he’s trying to talk you out of the definition of good and bad. He’s stuck in his own hamster wheel!

Me (chuckling): Oh, no!

Jamie: He’s laughing. (Clapping) Way to go, Erik!!

Erik: But the person who did the action, they will learn from that either in that life structure or after they die.

Me: Okay.

Erik: But they’ll be the only ones who judge themselves. When we die, that force of attack or that force of emotion on somebody else is nonexistent. It’s just a lesson.

Me: Okay. Now, for example, if somebody helps a homeless person by cleaning them up, giving them clothes, helping them find a job—that’s not necessary good? Maybe they’re being robbed of an important experience? Maybe it’s good for them to experience misery?

Erik: Right! Or, what if you help him and he gets a new job and he becomes the president or manager of something, and then he wigs out from all of his responsibility and goes postal on their ass, killing everyone in the building.

Me: Oh, not good! Oops, I mean not “blank,” because I guess that word is out of my vocabulary now!

Erik: Well, you can use positive and negative as a variable. Like zero is the baseline of good, and then 0 to 50 is what we call more of a lower vibration or a negative which is an opposing side of “good.”

Me: Um hm.

Erik: And then 50 to 100 is a higher vibration of good. It’s the positive. So good is a spectrum that has variations, but the lower end of the spectrum—

Me:  —is not evil or “bad.”

Erik: You got it, you got it, you got it!

Keep your fingers crossed that we win the 2011 Bloggies! The winners will be announced next Sunday evening! If we don’t win, I’m proud that we all tried and that Channeling Erik is a finalist! That’s damn huge!

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  • Steve

    Erik (through Jamie) says “Within negativity, a lot of incredible experiences can come. We have to remind ourselves, who are we to judge what is the better experience for that person and what isn’t? It can really throw you for a loop, because you have to ditch the idea that there’s right and wrong, good and bad.”

    This is a message I have learned over and over and over, from many different sources. It’s so easy to forget this and get into “us” and “Them” and “right” and “wrong” mode.

    Thanks for the reminder, Erik!

    • So Steve, like other members have been wondering–how do we know when to intervene? Do we just ignore the homeless and let them be miserable? What about the murder and rape victims. How do we know when helping will or will not adversely affect a person’s spiritual path? Maybe Jason can channel clarification from Erik. If not, it’s on my list.

  • Lisa Potter

    I like how Erick takes the duality right out of our limited words of good and bad. But it raises more questions, of course, such as in the example of the homeless person. If we help, we can decrease his lesson, so what about doing what we think of as good in the world? Creating homeless shelters, volunteering for various causes, forming non-profits to assist people-aren’t these actions valid? I know they are, but I’m confused as to how to think of them in this light. If we see pain and suffering, aren’t there appropriate times to assist?

    • Yep, I’m stuck in that same hamster wheel, Lisa. I’m going to ask him that next time. Wish I had asked him then, but usually my brain is just barely keeping up! I get dizzy when that wheel turns out of control. There’s only so much G-force I can take, dammit!

  • iola

    hey have given me alot to wrap my head around and accept. I am still seeing bad and good..
    thats a hard concept to let go of. Our entire lives are constructed around it. So how do we spread good to others if there is no such thing? I am sure not getting this. Do I forgive the bad, since it isnt really bad?
    Hope the blog deserves to, just for all of us that are helped by it. Gotta go think on this for awhile.
    On a positive note, I actually felt Andy brush up my leg last night. It was amazing! Gotta keep working on the communication. I am so happy he came through. Love and light to you all. xoxox

    • Yay, Andy!! Keep practicing for your mom!

  • Pat

    Very interesting session. I have always agreed with what Erik is saying about there being no good or bad, only consequences. But I am a little confused.

    For instance, I am in training to become an advocate for abused and neglected children. My efforts are to recommend to the court the best interests of the child.

    So, in the case where the child is supposed to learn a lesson but is constantly being subjected to physical or sexual abuse, is it not good to remove them from this horrible existence after all efforts have been tried to help the parents but they won’t cooperate or change?

    I am so torn about what are truly the “best interests of the child” when you consider Erik’s explanation above…..HELP…anyone!

    • I hear ya and I’m just as confused. When do we intervene? How do we know when we’re going to adversely toy with someone’s spiritual path? Again, answers seem to breed more questions.

  • Tom

    I laughed at Jamie’s comment about Erik being “stuck on “his own hamster wheel” ROFL =D
    I feel your confusion also Elisa. We are conditioned to think of the world and peoples actions (choices) in the constructs of “good and bad (evil)” and getting beyond that and thinking that there is “only Good” makes your head spin.
    I bumped into someone at a hotel I was delivering to at the check in counter, and somehow we got into a short conversation about spirituality and such. A couple of things I remember he said was just always stay in the light, and that there is no evil or bad…there is only good, which at the time I thought was kind of simplistic and naive, but I figure that was also just me being judgmental and / or arrogant *blush* but also possibly a message I needed to hear, since I hadn’t bumped into anyone like this before with that kind of message or thinking. As they say, “when the student is ready the teacher appears” and the person I chatted with may have been a messenger or an angel…who knows. It was just an odd meeting with an odd message. I keep thinking that how can there be only good?? how can all of creation have one side?? there has to be balance, the ‘two sided coin’ thing. But that just maybe so, and this is why man needs religion, and GOD doesn’t. Humans needs to have a reminder that there is always “good” (positive energy) and the only ‘bad'(negative energy) is what we in fact create or manifest here…possibly as a learning tool.
    Like you, I don’t know…it makes my head hurt thinking about it and trying to wrap my brain around this concept is VERY difficult.
    But like everything else I guess…..we’ll muddle though and get there somehow.

    Thanks for the post =D


    • Tom, I always talk about you to my family and we call you “Stellar Tom.” Haha. Cool that you met what must have been a spiritual teacher. Did you read the topic in the forum posted about some cool thing that happened Saturday to (?) Kate? I think that was an angelic intervention too. Anyhoo–I like the idea of there being only good. I can definitely get used to that!

  • amy cavanaugh

    love this-a few thoughts
    I used to wake up screaming every night at 2:02-same sort of thing. In the Course in Miracles this same concept is taught and in our group we always get hung up on murders, rapists, child molesters. When Keith died, he hung on because he was scared he would see his abusive father on the other side. This intel is so simple and so pure. I summed it up the other day-the only thing that matters is love and everything else is likely none of our business.

  • Nina

    Oh wow my head hurts on this one! Uh, so the power of prayer in numbers really does work! It makes sense, its always worked for me. I wonder if we all pick a time and day to pray over your son, Elisa for his pain if that could help. I’d be more than happy to do that. I don’t know how to do reiki. I read a little about it but it seems like something you really have to learn.
    My other question is how do we know when to intervene to help someone in need? I mean for example that homeless man you and erik mentioned, how would a person know to just let him “be” as to not disturb his chosen experience on the earth? Do you pray for discernment??? And what about people who want to adopt a child? Should we just leave tehm in orphanages to suffer? I just can’t imagine doing that! (I want to adopt eventually)
    Also, how can humans get rid of time altogether? We use time as a measurement to see our progress. I’m open to a new way but I just can’t imagine no time!
    And when we pray are we praying to God? Or just reaching out to this collective conscienceness? A lot of questions, sorry! Xoxo Nina

    • I asked those same questions. (Look in the comment thread.) As for God vs. collective consciousness, I think that’s all semantics. We are the part and whole of God like a hologram. But we have to consider all spiritual entities in every dimension, universe, and galaxy in that collective. Our souls are just the tendrils, the tentacles, exploring through experiences on this planet (and for some, on other planets or dimensions).The Source is the center from which all springs: every soul, etc. And it’s all Love.

  • Nina

    Oh my gawd! I’m sorry you guys but I have one more question and I feel its a very important one to ask. Let’s say you get a legit psychic reading from someone like jamie. And she tells you that in three years you will have the job of your dreams. Okay, you now have this knowledge, but if
    you know this information now, can you change your future
    By say, working harder or going out of your way to make contacts in that industry or taking a night class to learn more? Or is it just set in stone? I’m hoping the answer is that things are always changing, in turn giving us more power over our lives and more opportinities and that things are not set in stone. Your thoughts? Xoxo Nina

    • Nothing is set in stone. There’s always that pesky free will–yours and those whose paths you cross.

  • KarenL

    I think the answer to dilemna is right here in the wisdom of these comments. A Course in Miracles says there is no good or bad, only love and fear. If you act through love and offer assistance without interfering with another’s free will or expecting something in return, you are doing no harm. The person you offer the assistance to has free will to either accept or reject it. If you act through fear and insist what you believe is right is good for another then yes, I could see where you’d be interfering.

  • amy cavanaugh

    I know this goes to another day’s post but I cant remember which one it is. My therapist told me today that in some sort of PLR session she was told that she had never been to earth before and her job was a “transitionist” on the otherside-to help those who were stuck or had unfinished business-the ones that Erik told us have to go to school over there. She was sent I guess on an internship to gather more intell about how us f-ed up humans swander our time on earth. now how cool is that

  • Thomas

    As I see it, you are not ‘decreasing’ a person’s life lessons by helping from good intentions. Not one bit. Never must that allow people to justify looking the other way when confronted with the less fortunate of us.

    History tells us in blood and tears, that indifference too easily becomes ignorance, ignorance becomes apathy and apathy is the glove in which evil slips it hand.

    I once heard someone talk about how evil wasn’t something in itself, but rather the absence of something. Somehow, that sort of rang true to me. That might explain in some part why we’ve always been mystified by the nature of evil and the dark side in every one of us. The logic behind evil eludes us because there is no logic to be found…

  • Candis

    OK – here is what I have been thinking about knowing when to ‘help’ someone (I have been thinking about this for some time – one of my sticking points) – I think that if it is done from a place of true humility – and/or from a place of intent that is as truly beneficial to the other, as pure as you are capable of (because, being human, a lot of what we do is more self-serving than we could bear to actually comprehend or admit to and/or, we mistake what it is that we think would be beneficial for us for what would be beneficial for the other) – then I am hoping that the actions taken, make the leap towards the “50” on the spectrum – if that makes any sense. Like, if your intent is more self serving then that would drag the vibration level of what it is you think you are trying to accomplish downwards. And, OK, to quote an old Seinfeld line …”not that there’s anything wrong with that…” either, apparantly.

    • That’s it, you’re totally right, Candis! You win what’s behind Door # 1!!! What you say rings so true. It’s like, if it comes from a place of love, how could it ever be wrong? Love stripped of ego, self-interest and ulterior motive!

  • Elizabeth M

    I think what I get from Erik is to take the *judgment* out of the good/bad right/wrong duality, and maybe the ego. As humans, I think we always have to do what we think is right; be true to our ethics and principles, etc, but don’t be so cock sure our “right” or “good” is somebody else’s right or good. Who hasn’t done a good deed for someone only to feel disappointed we weren’t (sufficiently in our minds) appreciated for it. So we can do our “right” and “good” because it is in accordance with our spiritual bliss, but we shouldn’t expect a medal for it. People on the receiving end of our good deeds can do what they want with it (without our judgement). And maybe that’s another thing: maybe we should ask our hypothetical person in need if he/she wants the help, then listen to the answer before we decide what to do.

    P.S. I’m so glad you are doing this blog. These are all ideas I’ve really been thinking about and are really starting to gel. I have a teenage daughter who suffers from depression and has been suicidal. I appreciate her everyday and realize (acutely) that depression can be a fatal disease. Having the knowledge that I am doing all I can, and letting go of the outcome, and trusting that everything and anything we experience on our journey together is “good” is a gift I can’t begin to explain. I am able to set down what by most measures is a very heavy burden, just by loving her, loving life and knowing it’s all good.

    • Well said, Elizabeth M. Tell us more about your daughter. Maybe we can help?

  • marymary

    This is an add on to Nina’s comment above about setting a time for a Channeling Erik community prayer! Maybe a minute or two at a set time during the day, how frequently could be decided on a as need basis. It would be so beautiful to start with Erik to show our love and appreciation for him and all his kindness and love for us. Elisa can check in with him to hear if he “felt” the blast of good vibes!

    • Aw, Marymary, what a great idea! Sending Erik love will only help his energy and abilities get stronger. If we do it noon my time, 10:00 AM Pacific time, it’d be 7PM central Europe time. Use to find the time in your city.After y’all do it, let me know so I can ask Erik if he felt anything. It’ll be great practice for working together to heal other aspects of a wounded world and to help individuals who need help. Great idea Marymary!

  • amy cavanaugh

    living a life without judgement frees us, but it is not intended to limit us with respect to occupations-passions and belief systems. we have all sorts of judgements with respect to occupations-saving baby seals-feeding the poor are all considered “good” hookers, hit men etc are “bad”-those notions limit us. I bet even Mother Thersa had a dark side, just as each murderer has a light side. While on this plane there is still cause and effect. This means that people who do bad things to their kids, under our laws faces consequences. Those consequences are part of their journey. It may change the lessons learned both on the part of the parent and the child but it does not change their core self or their journey, it is just a fork in the road of life. We get all caught up in good and bad and it is just not that simple. So while you can advocate for what you personally think is right or wrong, it is arrogant to think that someone with an opposing agenda is dead wrong. Easier said than done-I have yet to see the face of God in the face of Sarah Palin, but I know there is one and I know my refusal to acknowledge it is a function of how far I still have to go.

    • As I read your wise words, Amy, Erik sends me goosebumps on my left lower leg. That means he emphatically agrees!!

  • marymary

    I can’t wait! We could start tomorrow at the times you set forth and keep it going each day at the same time, thinking of him, sending him love and gratitude! Very excited!

    • Me too! I’m putting it in my cell phone alarm just in case!

  • amy cavanaugh

    what time are we saving the world?

    • 10 PST, 12 CST, should take a couple of minutes, and the world will be whole and enlightened. (grin) After I send my laser beams to save the world, I’m going to steam clean my carpets. I do have my priorities, you know.

  • Jane

    Agreed w/ Thomas and Candace!
    Perfect quote Thomas: “History tells us in blood and tears, that indifference too easily becomes ignorance, ignorance becomes apathy and apathy is the glove in which evil slips it hand.”

    And yes actions to help will ideally be with humility and love, acts to help affirm and rejoice in the other person/people rather than impose our will on, or worse – control over, the person or people. Thank you for saying that Candace, makes so much sense!

    With that said, w/regard to what Erik said to this post i have to say No, just NO. I love you Erik. Sincerely. I trust you and am open to hearing all you have to say and will think it all over and am so grateful for what I have learned and experienced. Part of that is knowing to trust and love myself and my own truths as well, within reason of course.
    I have worked with abused children and adults. Of course, OF COURSE we help! Now of course there is a balance, where you focus on yourself and fixing you, but where you also are open to responding to anyone who comes into your path who needs help and you can help them! Love is everything, and brutality and meanness are not love or “of” love. Probably in the spirit world there is no good and evil, but here on the earthly plane there definitely is and our evolution as human beings has with each step been a journey toward love and compassion and mutuality and community rather than objectification, apathy, and an “everyone for themselves” mentality. “Anything goes” and “it’s all good” does not work on this plane of existence as an overarching philosophy of human behavior, at least not if Love is truly the answer. In some ways it is very easy to think about: would a being full of love and light abuse a child? It seems clear to me at least that the answer is NO.

    Please check out the essay by Andrew Vachss, a lawyer who advocates for children, below, entitled “The Difference Between Sick and Evil”

    I realize ya’ll may have my head for this but I just have to tell what for me is the truth.
    I am fine to agree to disagree.

    • I don’t think Erik is telling us not to help anyone, otherwise he wouldn’t be helping us. I’m definitely going to clarify. I think we must help with a caveat or two.

      Here’s what I’m channeling from Erik:

      First, the person must agree to receive our help. It can’t be forced down their throats.
      Second, we must never project our values and expectations on the person. What we want for ourselves might not be what they want for themselves.
      Third, we must never “help” in a self-serving way. It must be pure and come from love, love, love.
      Fourth, we must be sure the people we help don’t slip and fall on the new path we lay before them. We can’t just send them on their way, hope for the best and turn our backs on them since they could still fall between the cracks or buckle under the pressure of the negative energy that got them to that low, low place. That’s why the homeless man would have gone postal. No one was there to make sure he was happy and stable on his new life course.

      I’m sure he wants to say more, but I’m so new at channeling, I can’t do it for very long. I start thinking about unloading the dishwasher and cutting my fingernails. You know, important stuff like that.

  • Nina

    After I read this I channeled Erik for a few minutes. It was weird, he took me into outer space and pulled me along with my hand as we traveled the universe. It was beautiful! As I said goodbye he said, “Wait, let me tell you something about imagination.” And this is what he said:

    Imagination fuels everything. Imagine you want to draw something you see clearly in your mind. You draw it, and when you’re finished, there it is on a piece of paper. It is now a tangible thing, right? Well that’s how thoughts work. You imagine something, you send it out into the universe and it becomes real. You manifest what you want to happen. Imagination is everything.

    WOW!!!! 🙂

    • So the Universe is our canvas! Very cool, indeed, Nina!

  • Nina

    Ok Elisa,

    I’ll do the prayer chain tomorrow at 10am pacific time. This will be sooooo cool to see if he feels us. 🙂

  • amy cavanaugh

    More thoughts:

    In the Course of Miracles we are told, that words are merely symbols for symbols, thus they are twice removed from reality. As Erik pointed out, before language we used symbols and numbers-perhaps it is time to return to symbols.

    With words we have limitations, dialect, languages, slang that all create barriers. So if we cannot even talk to our Spanish speaking neighbor because of language barriers, until we look beyond words, our communications with the universe are limited.

  • lidian

    as to good and evil and when/when not to intervene i’m reminded of a kahlil gibran quote – something to the effect that the tree drops it’s ripe fruit on the just and the unjust alike. And i like to remember that Lucifer actually translates as “bringer of light”. Got to have the dark to differentiate the light, so can’t separate one from the other, eh?

    • Spot on, LIdian. I never realized that about Lucifer’s name. How weird!!

  • Nina

    Damn, Elisa!

    “The universe is our canvas” I couldn’t have said it better!!!! Spot on, woman!

    And I love what you channeled from Erik. It rings true true true! So many people have the best intentions but they force their beliefs on you. That’s the problem with religions I’ve faced in the past. Always trying to force it down my throat. Everyone should be allowed their own spiritual journey. It just isn’t fair to think your way is the only way. Thanks for channeling that. Helps a lot.

  • JoAnn

    I am not sure if this explains anything at all but the times that i was having alot of “spiritual activity” I was told things in my minds eye by some light beings. at first it was just one light it was blue and yellow with brightness around it and very tiny. I was talking to me and It said there are positive forces and negative forces each working simutanously in this dimension. i asked it what are the negative and positive forces and it said that man made items and most humans are negative and that wild life and nature are positive. I was confused and it told me that negative and positive are NOT good and evil . it is more like you have negative and positive ends of a magnet one is neither good or bad but they can not touch each other. Then it told me that some humans are neutral, and that I was nuetral. I was very confused but also very curious. then I saw hundreds of these lights and then in one voice they all said “Do you want to see the secrets of the universe ?” I said YES and about that time I was in the midst of all the lights and we were all flying. We were headed out away from my house and when i looked down i seen my yard but when I looked forward i could see us heading over tall trees that were not in my yard and as we went forward over the trees i could see in the distance in front of me a beautiful water fall that i could not see the bottom of and the tree line on each side of the water fall but nothing past the trees, it was at that time that i looked behind me and could see my home in the distance and I Thought just once a millisecond thought and I was afraid if I continued with them that I would never see my world again. In that instant I was back to myself and the lights were gone. So I never did get to go and see what they wanted to show me out of my own fear. I have asked over and over again for them to come to me again like they had that day but I think that I can not have that experience still to this day because I am still uncertain what would of happened to me had I went . I am just wondering if this is the only positive and negative forces that Erik is talking about. Because I can understand in my reality that deeds are only deeds and that any action/deed done in the flesh would have no right or wrong to it. And that it is only our limitations that make the rules of good and evil. The bible says we are not the judge of others only god judges and since we know now from Erik that there is only our own souls that judge us then it makes total sense to me. whether an act is good or bad in our human eyes it does not matter to the soul because every act or deed is meant for us to experience in the flesh. I wish I did not have the fear in me that I do and I think that is why I have not had anymore Spiritual Experiences since then. I am afraid of the unknown and beside being told by all but two of my mental health providers that all of the stuff I am afraid of doesnt exist other than in delusions of the mentally ill I am also afraid of commitment. I do not tell any of my Secrets to them anymore though not even when i have someone inside my brain writing poems with words in them that i do not even know the meanings of, because then they think I am lying to them.Maybe Erik will know if these things I was told are true.

    • @JoAnn: you’re not crazy, Sweetie. Society is. There are many people in mental institutions locked up because they claimed to have seen deceased loved ones, for example. Some of the great visionaries throughout history have been relegated to the insane asylum because they believed something that we NOW know to be true. You’re just way ahead of the pack, that’s all. And don’t be afraid. Surrendering and letting go is very difficult. I have the same problem, myself. Expectation, fear, imagined obstacles, all get in my way. But what harm can really happen to us? We’re eternal beings of LIght. We can’t be destroyed. Everything ALWAYS works out. We ALWAYS find bliss and joy. We just need to have faith in the universe. It’s on our side, after all.

  • amy cavanaugh

    sorry for all these posts but I am writing and something just popped into my head about how words limit us and we need symbols. When Keith was alive he used to say “I love you” many many times a day. Not that he didnt love me, but the term I love you used to come across to me as a manipulation. In the end, I did not believe he loved me until his final days, days where his verbal communication had been compromised due to his illness and massive amounts of drugs.

    • Never apologize for comments, Amy. I gain something from each one. A thousand a day, fine with me. Yes, words can seem empty, even when they’re not. As they say, actions speak louder…

  • Lisa Potter

    Elisa, you always make me smile!

  • Patrick

    @JoAnn: Not judging others doesn’t mean have no opinion; quite the opposite. It means observe and understand but don’t automatically disapprove unless you dislike what you see because it has an unpleasant effect on you.
    A a rabid wild dog at your side is a good thing in a dark alley when suddenly confronted by 4 shadowy figures, isn’t it?
    Think of what you fear from a safe place where you know you are OK and nothing will come to you; what is the fear from and if it comes to you – thing that scares you – where does it go afterwards?
    Your story sounds JUST LIKE one of my dreams! If you imagine it; it exists, darling.

  • Danielle Notaro

    This post remind me of this:
    “A farmer had only one horse, and one day the horse ran away. The neighbors came to condole over his terrible loss. The farmer said, “What makes you think it is so terrible?”

    A month later, the horse came home–this time bringing with her two beautiful wild horses. The neighbors became excited at the farmer’s good fortune. Such lovely strong horses! The farmer said, “What makes you think this is good fortune?”

    The farmer’s son was thrown from one of the wild horses and broke his leg. All the neighbors were very distressed. Such bad luck! The farmer said, “What makes you think it is bad?”

    A war came, and every able-bodied man was conscripted and sent into battle. Only the farmer’s son, because he had a broken leg, remained. The neighbors congratulated the farmer. “What makes you think this is good?” said the farmer.

    The point of the story here is not to frame daily events in ones life in terms of good or bad, but dispassionately. You never know when or how fortune will shine or cast a shadow on you.”

    • Danielle, what an unbelievably insightful story. It embodies the meaning behind this post. Do you know who wrote it?

  • Be Free My Angel

    I keep thinking it is what it is. I don’t think that he ment that by helping someone we are hurting them, so to speak, but when we go out of our way, it is what it is. Mabe they will or wont get that lesson you have to listen to the heart and what rings true to you, stop putting ideals on everything. Trust your instinct and be truthful and faithful to your heart and your will. When I think of my daughters last day’s there were many different medical decision that could have been made, and number could have resulted in the same end game senario. Or not, it is what it is. We do, we experience, we learn, plain and simple not rules. We can still give the homeless guy a ten dollar bill if we want.

    I really like this post, it’s got me thinking about negativity and fear and how it makes ripples in the pond.

    • Yeah BFMA, as long as we give that ten spot to truly help him and not to assuage our own guilt or boost our self-importance.

  • guitarlinda

    Just as darkness is lack of light, so evil is lack of light i.e. love/wisdom/

    Amy, I’m with you on Sarah Palin…she reminds me daily how I need to work on judgement since I allow my thoughts to bring out the worst in me.

  • Shannon

    @Elisa, Pat, Nina, When an act is done from a place of Love, it is never “wrong”.

    @Pat, to help or not help, that is the question… If intervening in an abusive situation is not in alignment with what the abused is supposed to experience, there isn’t a damn thing you can do to change the circumstances. You can safely do your job without fear of impeding someone’s progress.

    Case in point: My two beautiful daughters have been “temporarily” moved into their dad’s home by the Superior Court of California at the suggestion of court appointed Minor’s Counsel. Problem: There was no legal basis for the transition. The girls’ dad has 3 reported and confirmed cases with Child Protective Services, 2 of which involve our youngest daughter, the other – his youngest step-daughter. BOTH girls told their attorney they didn’t want to live with him before they were moved and have reiterated their point 3 times since. Their attorney (a woman) has stood in front of the judge and said “Against the wishes of my clients, I suggest they stay with their dad.” The court has accused the girls’ dad of malice, perjury, and stupidity. At one point, he lost ALL legal custodial rights because of his overzealous infatuation with excessive medical care for the girls. I spent $12,000.00 of my mom’s retirement over 8 months fighting this. My attorney walks out of that court room every time, shaking her head saying, “I can’t believe what I just experienced in that room!” Rod Serling couldn’t have written a more convoluted script. I have to remind myself nearly every night that when the time is appropriate, my girls will be returned to me because it has become painfully obvious that there is NOTHING I can do to affect a change. The sickest part of all of this is that the court has never found fault with my parenting or the environment I provide. It blows my mind.

    I think it’s safe to say you can do your job without worry.



    • W-T-F, Shannon!? Have you ever channeled info from your guides on why this is happening?

  • Jane

    Nina the first time I meditated and Erik was there I went into space too! In fact I tend to go there often when I meditate and usually Erik and some others i don’t know are there off and on. It’s an amazing experience, I really like it 🙂

    • Nina and Jane, Erik told me in an earlier session that he and I used to LOVE traveling to other parts of the universe and to other universes, si I guess he must love that. Given that he’s Lemurian (origin, Sirius) that doesn’t surprise me.

  • Jane

    Elisa you may like this book, about what the formation of the alphabet did to disengage us from our spiritual roots:

    • Wow, Jane, it looks like a fascinating subject that I never considered. Erik spoke about how we “did it to ourselves” with the creation of a linear/sequential language. I’m ordering the book on Amazon. Have you read it yet?

  • Yvonne

    This is one of the most important posts I have read. The reason that it is making people’s heads hurt is that the lesson is so vital to understand. We have to understand this because it touches everything about our life here on earth – how we act toward others, how we live, how we think about our lessons in the world. This is a topic worth returning to. All this stuff about “helping” and “charity” is sort of missing the point. I think someone else said it: every motivation, every act, MUST come from a place of Love. We are here on this earth to learn the lessons. But we are ALSO teachers, each of us. Teach ONLY love, for that is what you are, that is what the higher self is, the innermost pure and basic part of oneself, is divine (Love). One way to test is to see if anything you do has the whiff of fear. Is the motivation love or fear? There’s the answer! Thanks for a good but hard message for most of us.

    • The whiff test, Erik would like that, Yvonne!

  • Steve

    Oh my gosh, that’s IT, Elisa! You are an awesome channeler. NOW that makes so much sense and resonates perfectly!

    • Aw, thanks Steve. I’m tryin’. Kinda slow progress though.

  • Skoshi

    Erik is again explaining “Buddhism 101” in “21st Century Speak”:

    There is a Chinese story of an old farmer who had an old horse for tilling his fields.
    One day the horse escaped into the hills and when all the neighbors sympathized with
    the old man over his bad luck, the farmer replied, ‘Bad luck? Good luck? Who knows?’
    A week later the horse returned with a herd of wild horses from the hills and this
    time the neighbors congratulated the farmer on his good luck. His reply was, ‘Good
    luck? Bad luck’ Who knows?’ Then, when the farmer’s son was attempting to tame one
    of the wild horses, he fell off its back and broke his leg. Everyone thought this very
    bad luck. Not the farmer, whose only reaction was, ‘Bad luck? Good luck? Who knows?’
    Some weeks later the army marched into the village and conscripted every able-bodied
    youth they found there. When they saw the farmer’s son with the broken leg they let
    him off. Now was that good luck? Bad luck? Who knows?”

  • Denise

    I came across this idea reading “Conversations With God” and it totally blew out so many boundaries of thought for me. I have not been the same since. Such a profound idea! There is no good or evil.

    When I relate to an individual I would normally have thought of as mean or stupid I have to stop and wonder what purpose are they here to achieve with their actions/ words.
    For instance a hundred years ago good Christians would take away the children of Native Americans or Aborigines in Australia and raise them “properly”. I am sure they really thought they were making them civilized but how horrible to think they took people’s children away from their families and culture. How arrogant.
    Now, of course, we wouldn’t do that; would we?

    Or the complete opposite end of the spectrum. The tv show Extreme Maekover came to town built a beautiful home here for a poor family living in a hovel. Still unemployed the family lost the home because the tax rate had risen so much they couldn’t afford to pay the taxes. Good intentions interesting ramifications.

  • Danielle Notaro

    The story is an old Taoist story.

  • mom2bzs

    This is a great session with Erik. I got so much out of it. I love all the comments.

    When I read my daily notes from the Universe, it seems so appropriate regarding what you all were saying:

    Life’s so called “tests,” Sherry, aren’t really tests at all. And to dispel a common misconception, they certainly aren’t given by me.

    They’re just the facts and circumstances one has unintentionally crafted with their focus, that, ever so conveniently reveal powers not yet claimed and understandings not yet grasped.

    Amazing how these things work themselves out, huh?

    The Universe


    P.S. – I sent reiki to Lucas the other day Elisa

    • He says he’s starting to feel better!

  • Jane

    Hi Elisa I read about 3/4ths of it in college for a Philosophy of Nature class. It has always stuck with me how much we need the communion with nature for our soul, the core of our humanity, to be healthy and how much we suffer from that lack of communion. It is a beautiful book and so true I think, but a bit thick to get through b/c it’s kind of like reading constant poetry 😉 But worth the effort for me b/c i have never forgotten it and what it taught.

    I too liked what you channeled Elisa, nice work and thank you, I agree! 🙂 And I like the continuum concept of high energy and low energy. Am I mistaken though in thinking that high vibrational energy is generally quite a bit more preferable than low vibration, after all that is what we are all trying to experience and create with the “shift” and to get closer to Source/God – it certainly sounds like God vibrates a bit at the high rate, to use some understatement 🙂
    My husband Ryan mentioned that maybe the point is that there are not these two separate and opposing forces of “good and evil,” it is all one. And it seems we all are working and focusing to transmute as much low vibrational energy to high as is possible.
    Erik seems to say above that if someone rapes or murders, it all “comes out in the wash” b/c that soul will learn from that act in this life or the next. But what about the victim? Of course they can choose to not stay in a victim role (as someone who hasn’t been a victim of violence i’m guessing that’s easier said than done)and can still realize and celebrate their own power. However as we have learned we keep the damage done to us with us, with wounds accumulating through lives, hence the helpfulness of past life regression and reiki and Linda’s Body code healing stuff she is doing with Lukas.
    “Do everything from a place of love and not fear and do all we can to keep fear from entering our thoughts and acts” seems like a great dictum that has been reaffirmed through all this.

    Denise i like your post and examples. Just more evidence for striving to do things through love, which from what i understand is a higher vibration energy.

    All that said, is that what Erik was trying to say? How does this relate to his comment “Even the rape and murder up the street is only good” ? B/c there is a lot of fear and not much love there, in my opinion at least.

    • I’m going to clarify that during the next session which I think is coming up on Monday. It’s a bit confusing to me too. What about the victim? Maybe he or she sacrificed something as agreed to by spiritual contract to help a fellow soul evolve. Maybe it was a lesson for the victim too. I dunno.

  • M and M

    These are all great questions, about when to jump in and help someone. As always, Erik’s way of communicating things is so in tune with how we live and what we deal with, that makes it so much more helpful than more general concepts I read and hear about.

    I think that the bottom line about how to help someone always comes from within. I think following your heart is always the way to go, but making sure it is your heart and not your ego or some belief you are projecting on to that person. In addition, I think it is also necessary to honor that person’s soul and free will and not attach to any outcome- very hard to do in our results driven society. That way, you are operating in a manner that is true to yourself, while still honoring the free will and lesson the other may need/want to go through that may or may not be evident to you or them.

    Much easier said than done. I firmly believe that as long as you do your best, from your heart and intuition and not your ego or belief, you are honoring the spirit within all.

  • Tricia

    What I have learned about this is that “how to help” others is something that cannot be figured out; it is not a mental concept, although our egos really long to come up with constructs for this: “when I do this, I am helping, when I do that, it’s hurting.” Rather, this is something that our inner Being, our True Knowing will lead us in. So what I do is ask, and then listen. Many times I’ve been surprised; I’ve been in situations where my ego says that I “should” do something here, but listening to that inner voice I hear “no”. There have been other times when help has come through me, but it’s not what my personality would want to recognize as help. But for me, the point is that at the large level, all works together to serve all involved. We don’t need to understand “how” it is working, and many times in our human lifespan we don’t understand the “why”. Just be willing to be used as appropriate; ask and listen. Your inner Being will never steer you wrong.

    • Agree, Tricia. I get a certain feeling in the pit of my stomach when I know something is NOT right and another completely different one when it is. I’m trying to practice taking the time to identify these feelings more effectively. Sometimes, alas, I go through the day in kind of a fog with m mind running in all directions at once. Practice, practice!

  • Tricia

    Jane, to me this speaks to the difference between what is eternal and what is temporal. In this life, in the personalities that we currently have, we live as though “this is it”, as though Who I Am is Tricia-ness, and that when this heart stops beating, that Who I Am will end. That is our current working framework on earth, at least for most of us here. You’re right, a person coming from awareness of who they really Are would never cause damage or hurt to another being. Because most of us don’t remember, and consequently we have to protect ourselves from one another, all kinds of interventions and consequences are necessary. On the eternal level though, we are weaving a much bigger blanket, one that covers a much larger time-space continuum. At this level, no one “escapes” or gets away with anything. For me, it’s holding the two perspectives at once that can feel challenging.

  • amy cavanaugh

    My therapist/coach sends me inspirational emails each day and below is today’s. I share it because I think it is on point as to how we can have passion and beliefs and manafest them as opposed to force feed them into the universe.
    By paying attention to the way you feel, and then choosing thoughts that feel the very best, you are managing your own vibration, which means you are controlling your own point of attraction — which means you are creating your own reality. It’s such a wonderful thing to realize that you can create your own reality without sticking your nose in everybody else’s, and that the less attention you give to everybody else’s reality, the purer your vibration is going to be — and the more you are going to be pleased with what comes to you.
    — Abraham

    • Love it, Amy. So true. It’s amazing how some people actually prefer to feel miserable.

  • Candis

    Oh – M and M, I like that addition of not being attached to the outcome, I think that is a very important concept here as well. It’s also just as hard to do as not really doing the act for your own gratification on some level.
    Thanks for thinking I made sense y’all! I don’t get that a lot ;D
    Also is 10pm pacific time 7pm east coast?

  • Skoshi

    It’s quite a “coincidence” (NOT!) that this is the topic of a series being conducted through Tricycle. Do we do “good” to those less fortunate or are we interfering with their karma, etc. We can’t pre-judge the results of events as good or bad; we haven’t got crystal balls. Good can come out of events humans judge as “bad” and “bad” can come out of events humans judge as “good.”

    But that doesn’t mean we can’t or shouldn’t reach out to aid and comfort one another or that we won’t build karma for ourselves by ignoring those with needs. Or that we are relieved from responsibility for helping each other and the environment.

    Since we have no idea what happened between two people in a previous life, how are we to know whether there is value in their interactions? We don’t even know what happened in our OWN previous lives!

    • What is it about this synchronicity between Tricycle and this blog? It’s so cool!

  • Skoshi

    Negative energy does not equal judging an event or person as good or bad or vice versa. And judgment isn’t the same as discernment. For example, if you date someone and judge them as “bad”, that’s not the same thing as if you date someone and discern that you are not suited to one another or wouldn’t bring out the best in one another. Right?

  • Skoshi

    Re a court granting custody to a parent whose parenting skills are lacking or are even detrimental: NEVER understimate corruption in court systems.

    AND in the U.S., laws strongly favor both parents having visitation rights REGARDLESS of whether one person is a substance abuser. I know a LOT of people who were married to substance and spouse abusers who found out the painful way that after divorce, twice a week their children were subjected to long car rides with their drunken ex’s while they changed households for the weekend, and having spent many thousands of dollars on attorneys, they were not granted relief by the courts. I wish everyone would think MORE THAN TWICE before having a child with someone they don’t know well enough to know if they have drinking problem or they know has a problem but they go ahead and have a child anyway. The child’s life will be put on the line every time they get in the car with the drunk, and if the couple divorce or split, they WILL be driving with the drunk.

  • amy cavanaugh

    @Skoshi i like the way Drew Brees couched this in his autobiography-he had a toxic mother from who he was estranged. The way he phrased it was that he did not like the person he became when he was around her. Sadly however his mother committed suicide before he was able to reconcile with her. That said, perhaps it was one of those things where the healing had to take place on the otherside. I was struck that he didnt say-oh my mother is a fucking nutcase (apparently she was bipolar), rather it was just hard for him to be the person he wanted to be if he was around her

    • Amy, that’s interesting, because I’ve always told my kids that you can’t be responsible for someone else’s behavior, nor can they be responsible for yours. Doing so robs each of the power to change the situation. The only thing we can be accountable for in a conflict is how we react to it. So many things are just a matter of perceptual shifts. Another example of such a shift, I tell the readers of my parenting books that when their child acts up, try to shift perspective. Instead of looking on their misbehavior as a personal vendetta meant to drive you nuts, look at it as a teachable moment. Rub your hands together and squeal with delight, because here is an opportunity to impart valuable lessons by which the child can benefit his or her entire life. Even our perceptual shift about death has helped all of us here in the CE family, right? Sometimes, when someone tells me that a friend or family member of theirs has just died, I react with the usual thoughts of “Oh, that’s so tragic. How sad.” Then, I remember. “Oh, how wonderful for tht soul. He’s home.”

  • Jane

    Agreed Skoshi. And yes, ALWAYS advocate for the child, using your best and most loving abilities. As for others’ karma or life plan, their life plan will happen with us or around us. Our actions do not have the power to just shut down another person’s life trajectory. There are many ways and opportunities, if i understand it correctly, for them and us to find the right path or paths to learn and grow.

  • Denise

    @Pat If we don’t advocate for a child who will? It is brave and generous of you to become involved in child advocacy. We all should use common sense and consider the safety and welfare of a child. I grew up with a bully for a father but was fortunate to get away at an early age, thank goodness.

  • marymary

    Elisa – This entry in particular had so many many comments because of its incredible info I was wondering if there is any way that I could “tag” this one to go back and read it. Does the Blogsite allow for that?

    Mary Beth

    • Wow, I have no idea, Marymary. I don’t think so.

  • Annie

    Well, Elisa, perhaps you should give up medicine. Because it’s all part of god’s divine plan for people to suffer, you know? And here you are trying to make them feel better.

    What amazes me is the ease with which you buy into this cheap recycled dimestore New Age philosophy. This is the same old horsepucky that’s been in circulation for years. Try asking “Erik” or rather Jamie some tough questions and see how far you get. On the other hand, I guess I’m not really amazed, seeing that your son committed suicide. It must be hard just to go on breathing every day. I’m sorry for your loss but I really can’t condone you spreading more of this junk in the world. It’s not helpful for people to believe that there’s another, better life after this one. The fact that this life is our only, precious shot makes it all the more valuable. The belief in an afterlife diminishes this life and makes people do stupid things like send children to war. Please stop and get therapy from someone qualified to help you deal with your grief.

    • Annie, perhaps you ought to ask some of the quantum physicists out there. Read Thomas Campbell’s My Big TOE (Theory of Everything) and you’ll see what I mean. In any case, we’ll all find out eventually, won’t we? There have been closed minded skeptics circulating their horsepucky for decades, too, you know.

  • amy cavanaugh

    Annie-are you saying that there is no afterlife?
    would you mind sharing your understanding of what happens when you die. My boyfriend just died and I have found great comfort in this blog since his death. Perhaps as you say, I have bought into this hoursepucky because I am vunerable, but I would like you to expound on what you believe I should believe.

  • Jason

    — quote

    Reality is what we take to be true.
    What we take to be true is what we believe.
    What we believe is based upon our perceptions.
    What we perceive depends upon what we look for.
    What we look for depends upon what we think.
    What we think depends upon what we perceive.
    What we perceive determines what we believe.
    What we believe determines what we take to be true.
    What we take to be true is our reality.

    Gary Zukav

  • amy cavanaugh

    “I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud.” – C.G.Jung

  • iola

    I think this annie person is related to the marcus person……just sayin. 😀

  • Beth Murphy, M.Msc.


    Erik: Yes, it’s all about projection of a focused intent, just like a movie projector would focus a movie on a screen. That’s how manifestation works, and that’s how prayer and affirmation works. And if enough people get together and think of the same thing, they can create that successfully.”

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