Erik’s Messages to the Channeling Erik Family

I had another amazing session with Erik through Jamie, and Erik had a lot of messages for us:

I asked, “Erik, do you have any messages for your fan?”

Jamie laughs, because Erik is doing this hand gesture like the Queen of England would do. “Oh yes, my children.”

Erik: Yes, tell everybody that there IS good out there and that the grief and pain and jealousy is an illusion. And let’s tell people that when they hesitate, it’s an appropriate reaction. If they hesitate, it means the timing is wrong. Listen to it. Don’t be jeered (Jamie questions his use of this word, but I’m just going to go with it) by peer pressure.

Me: Well, we’re only human, Erik.

Erik: That’s right, we’re only human, but the time is coming when we’re going to be more than human, so we won’t be able to say that anymore.


One blog member asked for clarification on the whole good/bad semantics: If there’s no good/bad dichotomy and it might be “bad” to help a homeless person because it messes with his or her spiritual plan, how do we know when to help?

Erik: I get it, I get it! You know when you’re in a position to help when your whole body doesn’t resist it. You go, “Absolutely, here’s twenty bucks; you walk straight into it; it feels good and every part of your body moves towards helping that person. If you reach into your pocket and think, “Oh, I wonder what he’s going to use this for,” then step away and don’t do it. It’s not the right time.


Me: We’ve been sending you love lasers, Erik. Every day at around noon central time, lot’s of us have been sending you love and gratitude. We’re all wondering if you felt anything. So what did you feel?

Jamie laughs hard for a long time, then shares what Erik said.

Erik: It’s like a warm bus just knocking me over!

Jamie (still laughing at his choice of metaphors): So apparently it has a lot of force, strength, but the idea of it being warm makes it feel comforting. I guess it all comes at once, then? Boom!

Me: Yeah!

Erik: It’s amazing! Why can’t we all get together and do that with the earth?

Me: Well, that was my next question. Do you think we, the Channeling Erik family, are meant to come together in this way to heal other subsets of people? For instance, one person told me about being in a waiting room with women who are cancer survivors and they just wanted to stay there with those women because it felt like such a spiritual moment. Maybe we can join forces and send people like that some healing prayers. So I was wondering if that is something we are meant to do or can do.

Erik: Well it really hard, because then you’re gonna get into, uh, it’ll feel like a random act of kindness, and then you’ll get into, “Well, who should we help, who shouldn’t we help? How do we pinpoint who needs the help?” Why not get to the root of the whole cause: our earth?

Me: Okay, so just send the frickin’ lasers all over the world?

Erik: Frickin’ lasers! Yeah, send them to the core of the earth.

Me: The core of the earth? Okay!

Erik: The heart of the earth. Dude, dude, dude!—

Jamie laughs.

Erik: —Let the visual be to the heart of the earth—the core—and let it radiate up through the crust, then let it radiate out to the bottoms of the feet of those who need healing—through the soles of those who need it.

M: Ooo, I just got that visual. Very powerful. Wow!

Erik: So, we don’t have to pick one special waiting room. We don’t have to pick, you know, one country or one government asshole.

Me: Yeah!

Jamie and I laugh.

Me: There’s not just one government asshole, you know that!

Erik (in jest): Yes, there are many! Too bad the rule, “Off with their heads” has not resurfaced, cuz we could really use that again!

Me: I know, I know!


Me: Here’s another question that came about after you shared your insight on uncertainty, broadening your focus, etc. If you have to benefit by remaining open, not having expectations, and by being uncomfortable with uncertainty, how does that relate to the whole “manifest what you want”? Don’t you have to focus on a goal to manifest it? Also, if we can focus and manifest what we want, why is it so difficult to do? In other words, if we all focused on manifesting everyone becoming millionaires, why doesn’t it happen? And what about sports teams. Each side wants to win and is focusing on manifesting that, so why does only one team win? Are we supposed to float along like rudderless ships and accept whatever happens? No goals, no expectations? Won’t we starve or freeze to death?

Erik: Focusing on expectations is far different from focusing to manifest, Mom. It’s called balance.Mom, most people are thinking way too much! Tell everyone to stop analyzing things so much and try to just feel your way to the answers. When you approach a problem by feeling it out for a solution, you’re going to come up with completely peaceful answers instead of letting the brain toss it around in some sort of rabbit hole.

Me: Yeah. It seems like you can have a focus while at the same time having a relaxed awareness of other possibilities and opportunities.

Erik: Sure, absolutely. That’s what manifesting is. She’s right. No expectations; you can’t have those. When you have an expectation, you’re shutting off possibilities.

Me: Yeah!

Erik: When you’re manifesting something–Mom, you said it in less words. That was great. You create it. you write down everything you want, then you make a blanket statement: “What highest best for me, come.” That right there lets it all open up.

Me: Yeah, because if you have expectations, you get swept up into that expectation-reality gap. That can be like drowning in an abyss of disappointment. There’s an emotional investment tied up in expectations. You get emotionally married to them. It’s pretty much the source of a lot of our personal problems, I guess.

Erik: Absolutely! You should try to swim around in some of the shit thoughts that people have! It’s horrible! A lot of it is so superficial, too.

Me: Yeah, I can see that. So what about the sports team scenario?

Erik: Well, some people will manifest an outcome better than others. Also, remember that there’s involvement and nudging from spiritual guides and the Higher Selves of each person on each team. It’s also based on human competition and talent. That’s why sports are so much fun. It’s such an earth-grounded, lower energy type of an experience. Planning, controls, fight, strength. It’s awesome! So, it’s not just a spiritual element. The whole spiritual element of whole teams in sports is actually about creating a community around it.


Erik: Tell everyone to bring out their pictures, Mom.

Me: Yeah, Michelle and I take pictures all the time, and we see orbs and stuff.

Erik: I know but tell people that they already have pictures of me. They need to take a look at them and check for like misty wisps or orbs. I’m in a lot of ’em. Tell them to keep taking pictures and I’ll appear in them.

Me: Okay, I will!


Erik and Jamie vote for us meeting in Atlanta for our first get together. Her place can accommodate 60 people.  Erik says he can muster up some real fun and mischief for us! (No doubt!)


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