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Channeling Transcript

Me: How are new souls born or created and why?

Erik: Well, I’m still just learning so I can’t answer that totally. But here’s what I know: When you come over to this side, sometimes the work you choose to do—I choose to work from this spiritual realm, but others choose to go back maybe as a doctor like you or maybe something that will help the planet when it goes through this big work that they say is supposed to happen.

Me: Um hm. (At this point, I’m wondering if he misunderstood the question.)

Erik: So some choose to actually go back and do something that will help. Everyone over here, everyone does something of benefit to mankind or the planet.

Me: We need all the help we can get!

Erik: Oh, yeah. But the rest of the stuff about how souls are created I already covered. That’s all I really know right now.

Me: That’s fine! How do you manifest yourself to others, Erik?

Erik: It’s great focus on my part, and I’m still learning a lot. I can come easily to you and a few others, but if I was to go out and assist somebody I didn’t know very well that was having some issues, that’s harder. I’m learning how to do that now so I can guide people. The ones that need the most guidance are the hardest to get through to. So it’s all about focusing your intent, your energy. It’s really easy to focus on you and everyone I love, but those who I don’t know—that takes extra training.

Me: Why is that, Sweetie?

Erik: It’s learning to move around—we can go anywhere we want, you know. But it takes a lot of training, kinda like a pilot that has to train.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: It takes focus and a certain ability. I can see, I can see everywhere, but to actually go and move about, that takes time to learn.

Me: So going to the “stranger in distress,” so to speak; honing in on them is more difficult than going to places you know like our house or the houses of blog members you know?

Erik: Yeah, it takes energy. We have a lot of energy, but still, it’s learning how to control it.

Me: Yeah, I bet. How are you progressing with your training? How are you doing with that?

Erik: You know me! When I make my mind up…Really I am doing very well. That’s what they’re telling me.

Me That’s great, Baby. Do you ever get worn out?

Erik: I get tired, sure, but a different kind of tired. Yes, your energy can drop a little, but not like it was on the earth for me. That was different.

Me: Okay. Now, what is the connection between our love of music and our soul?

Erik: This is what makes me most excited, because I love my music, you know. Music is the voice of the soul. It comes from a place in the soul. Some can be dark, but most is full of light. It’s the voice of the soul.

Me: What about for humans on the earthly plane. What is our connection to music? Is it something different?

Erik: I picked this up pretty quickly, too, because I love music so much. All art, painting, sculpting, music, drama, acting, whatever, comes from a connection to the spirit world. It’s why artists and musicians go into a space when they create. They’re not in, um, it’s like they’re not in their bodies. They hear things or see things to paint. It’s the closest thing they can have to the spirit world on an unconscious level. It’s all channeled. Those beautiful painting don’t come from the physical. They come from the spiritual. It can be channeled from the Higher Self or other spiritual beings. So I guess music is also a connection between the spiritual realm and the physical one.

Me: Wow! So you say you hear music everywhere. What kind of music is it and how is it created? And is it just in each soul’s mind or is it really out in the ambient environment?

Erik: Oh, I never thought about if it was different for everybody else, like in their minds. I just thought everybody hears what I hear! I can ask  and let you know, but for me, it’s everywhere. It’s beautiful. It’s notes and harmony that goes so perfectly together. It just IS incredible. There’s a lot of singing and musical instruments—some I’ve never seen before. There can be different music too, just like on the earth. Some fast, some slow, but all so friggin’ beautiful.

Me: Amazing! Does it do anything to the energy of the soul?

Erik: Yep, it brings an incredible peace. It’s a peace and beauty. That’s the only way I know how to explain it, Mom.

Making Music on the Earthly Plane


By the way, true to Erik’s promise, he showed up in blog member, LaurenF’s photo when she requested his appearance. It’s definitely NOT a fleck of dust. Here’s her email and the photo:

Here’s a pic I just took after asking Erik to allow me to take a pic of him.  I got a nice size orb above my window.  I took more after that and got nothing.  I hardly ever see orbs in pics I take at home, so this was kind of cool.  By the way, in the pic, there is a big asymetrical looking block of light on the wall next to the orb with a laser looking flash through it, I thought it was “something”, but that was just a reflection of something.  I tested it out just in case and it showed up in every pic I took, it was just the orb pics that showed up and went away.  You can post if you like.  By the way, that pic was taken in my kids toy room, so please don’t mind the mess!  lol

Erik as window dressing

Erik as window dressing






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