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I had the most amazing lucid dreams last night. It was one of those dreams where you think you’re actually awake. Maybe I was, I don’t know. I knew my eyes were closed, but I could still “see” in spite of that fact. I thought that was pretty weird. So, with eyes shut, I saw Erik jumping up and down on my mattress toward the foot of my bed. True to character, he was acting like a little kid. He didn’t appear totally solid, but I could see every detail very distinctly, including what he was wearing, the expression on his face, etc. It was clear to me that he wasn’t aware that I could see him. I continued watching him as he jumped and jumped like a madman, and I could feel the mattress moving as he did. Then, my gaze followed as he moved to various parts of the bedroom. After a few moments, he looked right at me and stopped in his tracks. He seemed stunned, and said, “Mom, you can see me!” I responded, “Yes, Baby, I can!” So he came to me and hugged me for a long, long time. Ah, such sweetness. His form became more opaque as we hugged, and I could see tears streaming down his cheeks. We were both so happy. I remember being able to feel his body in my arms. It was solid. It felt like all those lovely hugs we shared when he was in the physical. I thought, “Damn, this is awesome! I can feel him! He’s really here! I can’t wait to write about it in the blog!” And I saw my sister, Denise, sitting on the corner of the foot of the bed, looking on with a peaceful smile on her face. Then, Erik disappeared, and I saw this big foot just to the right of my face, toes wiggling. I laughed and pushed it away, shouting, Erik! Stop that!” A master of comic relief! And now, more about animals!

Channeling Transcript

Me: Do animals every reincarnate into humans and vice versa? Same for plants and rocks—are these interchangeable when it comes to reincarnation?

Erik: Yeah. Now think about it, Mom, if you think that is a weird answer, then you’re placing judgment that you are better than a rock.

Me: Oh! Well, yeah, I see what you mean.

Erik: There’s no life force out there that is better or worse than the other. And so, yes, there is exchange. There can be very much that human-like soul and intelligence within the animal companion or in the tree in your front yard.

Me: Ah! So Erik, you can come back as a tree if you want to?

Erik (chuckling): Yeah!

Jamie (giggling): He’s got his eyebrows way up!

Me: Or can you sort of put part of your human soul, I mean your soul, into a tree, and then—

Erik: Yes, and then still be alive, spirit-wise to communicate and be who I am!

Me: Yeah? Wow! Can you do that as a dog, too, you know, like can an animal companion have a piece of or a tentacle of human soul in it?

Erik: Yes, but Mom, to say “a piece” suggests that it’s part of a whole, but when we divide, even the division parts are all complete; they’re all whole.

Me: Oh, yeah, I know.

Erik: Remember, it’s like a hologram.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: So we’ve gotta be wise when we choose our vocabulary—

Me: Exactly.

Erik: —cuz even when we divide, we divide into complete pieces.

Me: So, it does mean “Erik” is cut in half; it’s like now there are two Erik souls.

Erik: Right, and each part is just as powerful as the next. And when animal companion life ends, then that soul merges with the one I have, you know, existing. We all come back together. It’s not like we divide and keep expanding and dividing.

Me: Yeah. Interesting. I love these animal questions.

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