Dimes from Heaven

Today, Michelle and I went on errands together. In the both the driver's and passenger's door of her car, there's a place to hold a drink and other things, as is the case in most cars. Since we were going to the bank first, I put my two checks to be deposited, my VERY coveted index card with a … Continue reading

More on Animal Souls

I had the most amazing lucid dreams last night. It was one of those dreams where you think you're actually awake. Maybe I was, I don't know. I knew my eyes were closed, but I could still "see" in spite of that fact. I thought that was pretty weird. So, with eyes shut, I saw Erik jumping up and down … Continue reading

The Birth and Death of Souls

Update on Robert Hey all. I visited Robert for a few hours this morning. I saw that his doctors did start the medication I suggested, so his heart rate has lowered considerably. It’s still a bit high, but his low hemoglobin is the explanation. Fortunately, they’re giving him a unit of blood. I … Continue reading

More on Who We Are

Sorry about the short post. I'm going to be in the medical center taking my dad to the cardiologist, so God only knows how long that'll take! Channeling Transcript Me: Okay, now, Erik, I asked who I am; so who are you? Why were you “chosen” for this job, this work. Erik: Chosen? Hell, I … Continue reading