Nina’s Session with Jamie

I know many of you have had sessions with Jamie, but for those of you who need further convincing, enjoy this transcription Nina so graciously typed up for her Channeling Erik family. If you do decide to book a session, remember that she doesn’t record. I have a digital micro-recorder and a contraction from Radio Shack that allows me to attach it to my phone line. Then I can plug it right into my computer and, voila! I import it straight into iTunes. I recommend this even when you have sessions with mediums who do record sessions for you. I’ve had one CD from Kim that was defective, I’ve had cassette tapes unwind or get lost in the mail, and, well, you get the idea. Better to be safe than sorry. Also, if you do have a session, invite Erik in advance. He’ll help escort in your loved ones, plus, he’s always good for comic relief.

I also want to announce that I’ve been in contact with Victor Zammit, the famous attorney who has devoted his life to establishing proof of the afterlife and the immortality of the soul. I highly recommend you subscribe to his “Friday Afterlife Report.” He’s a delightful human being and a wealth of fascinating, enlightening information. I’ve listed his site, as well as Jamie’s, in my Links list. Please friend them both on facebook!

Hi everyone in the “Channeling Erik” family! My name is Nina and I wanted to share with you all bits and pieces of my recent reading with Jamie. She’s the psychic Elisa uses a lot to channel Erik. As you’ll see Erik does show up to talk to us. I asked him to be there before we began and he came through. I also would like to highly recommend Jamie Butler if you’re looking for a legitimate psychic. She is amazing. Simply amazing.

Nina’s Session

In this reading we talked about Bipolar II. This is something Erik had and I happen to have as well. Bipolar is a mental illness that if not treated properly has dire consequences. As Erik said to me, “Stick to the meds!” I know there is a lot of stigma attached to being Bipolar. Most people don’t understand it and just equate it to being “crazy.” But with the right therapy and “meds” you can live a normal life. It’s still a struggle but you can get through it. I wish people were more informed on the subject. Hopefully you all can learn something from this.

Thanks for reading, friends. Love to you all. xoxo-Nina

Channeling Transcript

Jamie: I can see six in the room [spirits] (Counting) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, yep. It’s weird cause I can see five of them pretty clear but the sixth one’s a little fuzzy. Like, just more energetic energy than a person form.

Me: Ok.

Jamie: Out of the five there are two women and three men. Um, the man that’s standing directly in front of me, he says he’s related to you, father’s side of the family.

Me: Ok. Is he giving you a name?

Jamie: Well he says “grandfather” not “father”

Me: Okay, that might be my grandfather who passed away a little over a year ago. His name is Bob.

Jamie: He’s nodding his head.

I chuckle.

Jamie: He’s real polite.

Me: He’s polite?!

Jamie: He’s being so now, yes.

Me: Oh (laughing) Can you tell him that I love him?

Jamie: Well that made him smile! That’s the first smile!

Me: Awww, yeah-he’s, awww I love him so much! And I just miss him to pieces.

My grandfather and I talk for a while about how he hated his hospital bed, and how he was glad his daughter was in the room when he passed.

Me: Grandpa do you know who Erik is?

Grandpa: That’d be the young man who escorted me here today.

Me: Oh my gawd! So is Erik in there?

Jamie exclaims: Is that who you are?? That’s that fuzzy energy in the back of the room, that would make sense. Erik if that’s you, show yourself.

I chuckle.

Jamie: Bingo!

Me laughing: Hi cutie-pie, Erik!

Jamie laughing: He goes, “My fans!”

We both laugh.

Me: Ohhhh he’s so full of it! You tell him he’s goofy!

Erik: I didn’t want to interfere.

Jamie: That’s why you were hiding? Yeah that’s why he was hiding.

Me: Well, I have some questions that I kinda wanna ask him. Ok. I just kinda want confirmation from Erik. Um, I do meditate with him and the other night I was meditating in my car, sitting in the garage and I think it was him but he was dressed in a tuxedo and I was all fancy and dressed up and he asked me to dance with him. And then he showed me my unborn son who I’m not even pregnant with. And my son was an adult and then Erik said, “I have so many things to tell you.” Was that him??

Erik: Yes. But I was disappointed when you hesitated when I asked you to dance.

I laugh.

Jamie: He snapped his fingers and said, “You should’ve just jumped up and wanted it right away!”

Me: Oohhhh because he’s such a cutie-pie huh?!

Erik: You do like me. You like my hair!

Me: I do like your hair-that’s funny! He reminds me of like a big puppy dog that’s like so sweet and uncontrollable.

Erik: Thank you. It took me to get through death to figure that out.

Me: So umm, okay if that was him then does he find it hard to get through to me? Cause I find it hard for him to get through to me.

Erik: You’re setting up your own blocks.

Me: So how do I unblock it?

Erik: Well you’re doing this try, try, try, focus. Really, let’s ditch all of that. Just stop it. And just do it. Just sit down and just be blank.

Me: Ok.

Erik: All the “monkey thoughts” in your head—crazy like, you know how monkeys play? Zoom, zoom, zoom! They jump around, they swing on things. All those monkey thoughts just let them play. Don’t disturb them, don’t stop them, don’t try to get rid of them.

Me: Yeah I think he’s right. I tend to do that cause I don’t believe it. You know? Like him dancing with me…it seemed so crazy to me and I actually just let him come into the room (in my mind) and he was there but—he does funny stuff when he’s around. Like one time he came in dressed like Hugh Hefner! And he had—just like crazy stuff. Is that him??

Jamie chuckling: Yes that’s totally Erik.

We laugh.

Jamie: Oh my gawd, that is TOTALLY him.

Me: He’s sooo funny. I just love him to pieces.

Next, I talk to my grandmother who died when I was two. I always suspected she had suffered from Bipolar II like myself. Well, my suspicions were confirmed.

Me: I think grandma had depression and alcoholism.

Grandfather: If your grandmother Ruby was alive in this day and age she’s be a totally different person.

(I’m assuming because we have more medical treatment for this illness)

Grandfather: When I came home [from work] I didn’t know who she was going to be.

Me: Uh-huh. That sounds like Bipolar.

Grandfather: Yes. And the reason I accepted her drinking was because it mellowed her.

Me: Ohhh I see.

Grandfather: It calmed her down somehow. I really think that was her self-medicating herself.

Me: Of course it was, I understand that completely. Is she there? To Jamie: Does he want to talk about her any? Cause she had a really rocky life and I only knew her until I was two years old. I miss her and I talk to her all the time.

Jamie: She’s here, she’s sitting down. Kind of about four or five feet away from where your grandfather is standing. And you said, “rocky life” she said “ugly life.”

Me: Why does she say that? Why does she say that, that’s terrible!

Grandmother: I don’t see it as being terrible. It was an ugly life because I didn’t have control over it. I was a pawn in my own actions. I never felt in control.

Me: Was that because of the illness, you think?

Grandmother: Yes, I could never get out of my head. And I could not get it to turn off.

Me: I didn’t get to know her and I feel so bad about that. Does she miss me or does she know what I’m doing, or my daughter or my Aunt?

Grandmother: Honey, I’m your angel.

Me: Literally she’s my angel? She’s like watching over me?

Grandmother throws her hands out and says, “Literally!”

Me: Oh wow! So she’s with me all the time.

Grandmother: All the time. I am keeping you calm. And I feel I’m the best person [to look out for you] because I know what kind of life you’re battling.

Me: Oh my god.

Grandmother: I really think…

Jamie: Ohh she’s crying. Don’t cry.

Me: Ohhhhh she’s gonna make ME cry.

Jamie: She’s wiping her face—aww she has a hankie.

Grandmother: I really believe that I had to die so that I could help you live.

Jamie and I cry at this.

Me fighting tears: I love her so much. I love her so much. And I didn’t get to know her but I love her so much and I DO feel her around me. And I always thought we had that in common with the illness and just so much stuff going on in your head that you can’t be quiet—I understand.

Grandmother: I understand too! And it is HAUNTING. It is haunting. And I couldn’t—in knowing that you had it too [Bipolar] I couldn’t have been a help to you if I was alive.

Me: Ok. Ok I see that. So, oh my goodness. I don’t know. I don’t know how she’s calming me down. There was a time when I was off my medicine for a month and I could feel myself spiraling downhill into a deep depression and some voice in my head just said, “Go take 50 mg of your medicine right now.” Was that her?

Jamie: YES.

Me: Ohmigosh.

Grandmother: I’m with you every moment and I will monitor you and give you advice to keep you level. Puts hand out straight to imitate “level.” What we wouldn’t give to feel level.

Me: I have this deep compassion for people and animals and I kind of wonder if I didn’t have Bipolar would I understand that or feel that for people.

Grandmother: No you wouldn’t have that level of compassion for others if you didn’t go though this. And the one thing you forgot to mention is how psychic you are. You are an “empath.”

Me: What does that mean?

Jamie: Oh yeah…wow. Uh I call it “clairsensitive.” You know you have clairvoyant—ability to see spirits. And then you have “clairaudient” where you hear them. And then clairsensitive where it’s like your whole body is a satellite dish and you can read energy patterns from people, places, things, from pets and animals, from plants. And that you can walk by a plant and totally have an overwhelming emotion.

Me: Ahhh! She’s right!

Jamie: And to the rest of the world it makes no sense. But for you, you’re like “Oh my god, that plant needs water.

Me: Ohmigosh, we have these trees in my neighborhood, must be like 100 years old or more and every time I walk past them I have to pat them and say, “Good job.”

Jamie: Yes! That’s it! That’s part of it, you feel what they’re going through. And the hard thing is that this ability—it’s on ALL the time.

Because of this sensitivity to my environment my grandmother then gave me a list of things I can do to help ease the difficulty. I then ask Jamie about my relationship with my husband.

Me: Is my husband my soul mate?

Jamie: Yes.

Me: And we’ve spent many lives together? How many lives do you think we’ve had together?

Erik: Six.

Jamie laughs: He said it so plain and clear and weird!

Me: That’s it?!

Erik: You haven’t had many lives.

Me: Oh! What the hell? That’s not very many!

Erik: I know, right? But we’re talking about lives on earth.

Me: Well, what else would we be talking about?

Erik: Well you can have lives on other planets.

Me: What are some of my past lives, what are they like?

Erik: Seeing how you’ve had more lives outside of being on earth—I think that’s what you like the most—but I’m choosing the most interesting life to talk about between you and your husband on earth.

Jamie: Wow. Um, I see the date 1-4-9. Just three numbers?

Me: Is that like January 4th, 1909?

Erik: No this would be the year.

Me: Oh!

Erik: It was in Greek days, the two of you were sculptors, both of you were men.

Me: Uh we were both MEN???

Erik: And completely in love with each other. And you have to be reminded that in this culture it was very acceptable to have a male lover along with your wife. So you’d have a wife, you’d have a family because that’s the kind of thing that you should do, and then you could have the love of your life in a man.

We then talk about my husband’s career and the dilemmas that come with that. Erik offers advice. He was very insightful! I also ask Erik to confirm what I think was a practical joke played by him a month ago. My daughter had this tiny rubber ducky the size of a quarter. She became so attached to it that she would HAVE to have it to go to bed at night. Then one night while she was holding it in bed, she suddenly couldn’t find it. The next day when I was putting on my running shoes, there was that stupid duck!!! Inside my running shoe! I immediately started laughing. The sight of this tiny rubber duck in my shoe made me laugh so hard. I knew someone from the spirit world did it. Turns out Erik was the culprit! He confessed to it gladly. I asked him to keep up his crazy antics because I get a kick out of them. He said, “Okay.”


Amazing, huh?! Thank you so much, Nina, for sharing this with the rest of the fam. We love you!

Now, everyone, go friend Victor and Jamie on Facebook and subscribe to the Friday Afterlife Reports! I’m off to see The Wizard! (i.e.Robert) Tomorrow’s entry will also be special: A gift from blog member, Patrick. I call him “Mister Brilliant.”


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