Haunting the Fam

Robert is coming along fine. He’s getting up to walk, taking clear liquids by mouth, and getting his sense of humor back as you can see! (He was having hot flashes so I filled up those blue gloves with ice.)

Robert Being a Perv

On another note, I noticed a lot of you have been very reticent about contacting me by phone on email, like you’re imposing or something. All I can say is, poppycock! You can talk to me any time you want. If you need my phone numbers, just email me. Remember, this is not MY blog, it’s OUR blog. I’m just another member of the family and we’re all equally important. I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am to all of you. You’ve given my boy life.

Also, if you are considering going to a psychic medium, invite Erik to come to the session. He’s our liaison, one of our connections to spirit. He knows us all so well. I’ve noticed that those who have Erik join the session seem much more satisfied with the results. Of course you can invite a deceased loved one instead or in addition and your guides will be there come hell or high water.

Channeling Transcript

Jamie: Hello!

Me: Hey, Jamie! How’re doing?

Jamie: Doing all right.

(Then Jamie proceeds to tell me all about how the flooring company failed to seal off the room adequately, so there’s dust everywhere. She laments the fact that she’s had to cancel her in-house appointments and must sit outside for our phone session. After giving her a bushel of condolences, we get down to business.)

Me:  You ready?

Jamie: Yep.

Me: How’s our boy?

Jamie (giggling): He’s telling me to lighten up!

Me: Oh my God, Erik, do I have to come over there and give you a spanking?

Erik laughs.

Me: First of all, Erik, I want to pass on a message from Maria. She really misses you. Jamie, Maria has been our housekeeper for 20 years. She pretty much raised the kids when I was at my busiest with the practice, so we consider her family, really. She was alone in the house when Erik shot himself, so she saw him first. It was pretty hard on her, since she’s known him since he was 18 months old.

Erik: I think it’s pretty cool that you share everything with her, Mom.

Me: Well, of course! We’re friends, um I mean, like family.

Erik: Tell her that—

Jamie (in mock sarcasm): Oh, she gets special treatment, huh?

Me: Ooo.

Erik: Tell her I’m not going to pull any stinky pranks or anything like that. I’ll come by, play nice, say hello in a nice way. If not, if I misbehave in front of her, she’ll just get mad. I know my place with her!

Me: Oh, okay! Now, let’s see. Erik, how have you made your presence known to your sister, Kristina? We’ll start with her, then we’ll go on to Michelle.

Erik: With both of ‘em, I’ve done smells.

Me: Okay.

Erik: With Kristina, I’ve tried dreams; I think she’s more analytical.

Me: Oh, yeah, she is.

Erik: So I can’t just pop in and say hi. It won’t register for her. And she’s so freakin’ busy. Plus, she doesn’t believe I’m readily available to her for that kind of communication anyway.

Me: Interesting. What about when she’s in the operating room? (To Jamie) She’s a third year medical student.

Erik: I like to—

Jamie (shocked): What?!

Erik: Slide the instruments around, move the lights, dim them. I don’t totally rearrange the instruments. I just move them a little to see if she’ll notice.

Me: What about with Michelle?

Jamie (laughing): He thinks she’s really funny! She’s easy to pick on.

Erik: I try just about everything on her. I even tried to call her like I did with you at the house.

Me: Ooo.

Erik: But she always thinks about it as being a broken phone instead of something from me. I really mess with electronic equipment with her mostly.

Me: Okay.

Jamie (giggling): He’s talking about running his hand up her back.

Me: Okay, anything else? As if that wasn’t enough!

Erik: Yeah, well I try different things all the time, but you know, these are the kind of things I would get better responses to.

Me: Michelle has met you during astral travels. She pops out of her body really easily. I mean, when she was a little girl, we used to share the exact same dreams at times. One was about being on this big boat and we were trying to save tiny turtles from slipping off the deck into the ocean. Stuff you can’t make up separately.

Jamie laughs.

Me: So she astral travels a lot.

Erik: Michelle is less grounded to this body. She’s more comfortable not being in it.

Me: Yeah, that’s like me, too. I’m the same way. Anything else about Michelle and Kristina before we go on?

Erik: Nope.

Me: Okay, now Lukas, your younger brother, he says when he goes out to the garden—he has this little vegetable garden he maintains in the backyard—he sometimes sees you and you talk to him. He wants to know if that’s really you.

Erik: Yes, that’s me. I hang with him out there all the time. I bring the dogs with me too, cuz I know how much he likes that.

Me: Aw, you’re so sweet.

Erik and Michelle

Couple of Hams

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