Spiritual Basis for Illness

This entry, we’re only just beginning to explore the spiritual rationale for various disorders and diseases. As he says somewhere below, Erik promises to continue to find out more. Evidently, it’s not a simple “one cause for one disease” scenario. Each disease or disorder can have a variety of spiritual origins. That said, Erik has his homework cut out for him, poor fella!

Channeling Transcript

Me: Can you tell me something about people with disabilities like Down’s Syndrome, several mental retardation, autism, and other developmental disorders?

Erik: They’re often teachers. People learn so much from them. Their spirits are incredible, because they don’t have the human capability of shutting things off in their minds. They’re so open, Mom. No filtering, no analyzing, no blocking. So they come as teachers to all. They also tend to bring people together.

Me: Okay.

Jeannie: And now the angel is talking.

Angel: AIDS is also a way of bringing people together. If you remember, years back when AIDS first came out how people would make quilts. So, many groups were formed to help.

Me: Yeah, that’s right.

Angel: Illness oftentimes brings about great love.

Me: Yeah, that’s awesome. Painful, but awesome. Such sacrifice. Now, why stillbirths and infant deaths? What’s the spiritual nature behind these tragedies?

Angel: It’s what we spoke of before that when a soul reincarnates and oftentimes they see, they get a glimpse of what their life will be like when they’re in the womb—

Me: And they say, “Never mind!”

Angel: Yes.

Me: But do stillbirths and infant deaths ever occur to teach about loss? Say a person lived pretty recklessly in his previous life and had no true regard for the sanctity of life, do they sometimes choose to be stillborn or die in early infancy to learn about the value of life? Or do they sometimes want to help teach family members about loss or help them experience loss to further their spiritual growth? Are there other reasons, in other words?

Erik: There are. There are many reasons. Sometimes they choose this early exit point because they realize their life will be so painful. They can choose to help someone else. With stillbirths, miscarriages, and infant deaths, people learn about love, they learn about loss, and they learn that life is sacred. So, yep.

Me: Okay. Now, there are certain illnesses that, to me—of course I’m not any kind of spiritual expert, but it seems like certain illnesses or characteristics are signs that a soul is not comfortable in the physical. Some examples would include eczema, autoimmune diseases, clumsiness, acne. In other words, are their certain traits or disorders that point to a soul not being comfortable in the physical plane?

Erik: The vast majorities of illnesses are because of that—mental illness too, Mom. Mental illness is a result of just not being able to live on the earthly plane comfortably. Of course sometimes mental illnesses are part of someone’s spiritual plan to teach and to learn, too. But you know, we talked about energetic healing, right?

Me: Uh huh.

Erik: So, most of this can be helped. There needs to be more communication between the traditional medical field and the energetic healing field. If they work together, miracles can be performed all the time. What happens is that there is a division. You have a people who don’t believe in physicians. There is that trend in the world more and more that everything can be healed through energetic healing.

Me: Oh, I believe that too!

Erik: Yeah, and that’s true, Mom, but also, why do you think we have physicians and certain medications? There are times when traditional medicine is necessary, at least at this point in time, but there are also times when energy healing is necessary, and there are times when you gotta have both.

Me: Okay. But are there certain diseases that mean specific things? Like arthritis—is that a symptom of something the soul’s going through? Same with cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

Erik: Yep, different diseases and disorders have a spiritual basis, sure. And there are books written on these spirit-body connections. All are signals to the soul that something needs to change spiritually. Let’s take arthritis. When someone has arthritis, it usually means that person is resisting something in their life. It can even mean they resist dealing with certain resentments. Or it can mean they’re always pushing, pushing, pushing ahead—just forcing things. So, the body, the physical body just fights back. There are many more spiritual factors for arthritis, but these are the most common ones. Again, all illness is either a lesson, a teaching tool, a communication to the soul that something’s fucked up in the spiritual growth of that being, or a combination of any of these.

Me: Wow. What about heart disease?

Erik: Okay, now heart disease comes from holding things in and not releasing emotions: anger, shame, resentment, even love and affection.

Me: Hm, that makes so much sense! What about cancer?

Erik: Cancer is kinda different. Cancer, like a cancer cell, can hang out in a body and be undecided if it wants to multiply or not. So a  person has an opportunity to work with that. Lotsa times, cancer is a way of saying, ”I don’t want to be here anymore.” It’s like an exit point opportunity.

Me: Oh! Okay. What about diabetes?

Erik: Diabetes is, uh, it happens in people who don’t really hold the body as sacred. It’s an unconscious thing, but it’s there. Sometimes when people realize they have diabetes, they change. They start to treat the body with more respect.

Me: Are we talking about any type of diabetes—both Type I and Type II?

Erik: No, I’m just taking about the one you get from being overweight and stuff. I’ll have to find out more for you about the other type.

Me: Are you getting any information about my two sisters who have diabetes? One passed away and the other one is still very much alive here on the physical plane, but both of them are insulin dependent diabetics and are or were (in the case of Denise) very thin.

Jeannie: Let’s see if I can get anything on that. (pause) It’s just blank. I’m not getting anything.

Me: That’s cool. I can ask you later, Erik. That way you’ll have more time to find out additional information for all these spirit/body disruptions, including Type I diabetes like your aunts have or had. Tough dealing with two tenses here!

Jeannie: Yeah, I’m just drawing a blank.

Me: Everything happens in its appropriate time. No worries.

Before I close, I have an announcement from our wonderful and loving blog member, Laura Vanden Bosch. I just received her email moments after finishing this transcription Monday afternoon. Talk about synchronicity! Let’s see if anyone can help her through this difficult time with her joint pain.

Laura’s Email

How are you today?  I was wondering in an up coming channeling can you please ask everyone to send some healing energy my way.  I have had four surgeries two on knees and two on the ankles.  The ankles didn’t take and the doctors are saying that I need ankle replacements and or fusion.  Mentally I can not take anymore surgery for now.  I am giving it my all to heal myself with herbs, flower essences and other healing modalities. I have never asked for a group healing and was wondering what it would do.  At the moment my ankles are bone are bone and of course painful.  And I am not taking pain medication because I got so sick of it and I feel like it lowers my vibration.  Thank you; peace and love, Laura


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