The Simple Truth of the Little Glass Box

Bet that title’s gotcha thinking, huh? Enjoy this channeling session through Jamie, recorded just after New Years.

Channeling Transcript

Jamie: How are you doing?! Happy New Year!

Me: I’m doing fine, and Happy New Year, Merry belated Christmas and the whole shebang to you, too, Jamie!

Jamie laughs.

Jamie: I was just chit-chatting with Erik about how you handle all your emails.

Me: Uh huh.

Jamie: He says you get hundreds of them every day!

Me: Oh, yeah, I just, uh, I know, I do. I get a lot. But I don’t even look at my spam folder. I just select all and delete. Yeah, I have to go through my emails several times a day, but I don’t mind it. It keeps me off the streets.

Jamie (laughing hard): Keeps you off the streets!

Me: Of course my looks alone would probably keep me off the streets, but that’s a whole nuther story!

Jamie giggles.

Me: So, Erik pulled some pranks on us in Norway. That was so funny!

At this point, I preceded to recount the story about the heating elements in the bathroom floor of our cabin going totally haywire. See the entry entitled A Ray of Hope for the New Year from January 1, 2011.

Jamie (laughing) Oh my god! I’m happy he’s so kind to me!

Me: I know, girl; you’ve gotten off easy!

Jamie: I have! I’ve just gotten a few rotten smells!

Me: I know. We’ll see though, because I told him when we do the radio show with Sheila Gale, he needs to work his mischief!

Jamie: Before you called, he told me, um, he came in and he goes, ‘You know, my first time on national radio and I’m going to sound like a little girl!’

I laugh.

Jamie: So I told him I’ll do my best to describe everything, and he goes, ‘Yeah, but you sound like you’re twelve!’

(This is totally true, by the way.)

Me: I know, you do! You REALLY sound young. That’s so cute.

Jamie: So I say, ‘Should I hire a man or lower my voice?’ He’s so funny. He’s making me laugh all the time!

Me: I guess I’ll have to get the testosterone shots ready for you, Jamie!

Jamie and I both laugh.

Me: Anyway, I guess the first thing I want to know is how you’re doing, Erik. We always ask questions for other people and questions about the universe and the afterlife, but how are you doing, Sweetheart? What have you been up to, other than mischief?

Erik (giggling): That’s my favorite thing to be up to!

Me: Ah, I love it too!

Jamie: He kind of throws his hands out.

Erik: I’m doing great. I’m in my body—

Jamie: He touches his chest.

Erik: I’m in my body—

(Of course while I transcribe this, I’m kicking myself for not asking him to clarify. He must be talking about his energy body.)

Jamie: He kind of bends to the right side.

Erik: And I’ve been good with my dating.

Jamie: He’s talking about being with a specific woman.

Erik: Oh, good! Are you talking about Jillian, your girlfriend, or have you moved on to do some other womanizing?

Erik: No! I’m serious about her!

Me: Ah, good, good!

Erik: It feels good to have someone that you can be in love with and trust. You know how that goes.

Me: Yeah! How are you progressing?

Jamie: He kind of leans back.

Erik: I dunno. You wanna put a number on it? I’m definitely learning something new every day.  That’s progressing. The moment I stop learning, I might as well be thrown back to earth!

Jamie: He laughs. He thinks that’s a very funny statement!

Jamie and I giggle.

Me (in mock pleading): Well, throw yourself back to me!!


Me; No, I’m happy that you’re doing what you’re doing. It’s hard for me not having you here, my darling boy, but I’d do anything and sacrifice anything to make sure you’re happy!

Erik: You don’t want another baby!

Me: If it’s you, I do! Oh, no, no, NO! Don’t come back! You have to wait for me! PLEASE! I was just kidding! But you’re happy with your progression, right? That’s all I care about—that you’re happy with where you’re moving. And by the way, bless you for even thinking I could have another baby!

Erik: Hell, yeah, I’m very happy with it. I’m especially happy about how the book is coming together.

Me: Okay, good!

Erik: You’re putting all the chapters together.

Me: Yeah, that’s right! Okay, now we’ve talked about how there’s no time in the dimension you’re in, Erik.

Erik: Correction, Mom. Let’s just say there’s no linear time.

Me: No linear time, yes. Just regular time. There’s a moment when everything is happening at once. A moment point, I guess.

Erik: Yes.

Me: What about space? Is there space where you are? What is space, really? Not outer space, you know, but—

Erik (laughing): There’s definitely space. We have outer space; we have space—

Me: So, of course, space does exist. Is space the canvas we paint our realities on, or…

Erik: It continues endlessly.

Me: Oh, yeah, infinite.

(Long pause)

Me: Anything else?

Jamie (chuckling): He’s giving me this visual.


Jamie: I don’t even know how to describe it! It’s like a square box—a glass box.

Me: Uh huh.

Jamie: It’s very small, and it’s sitting on a shelf. And it’s sitting in a room with a whole bunch of little glass boxes. And when you get close to the box, there’s a light in it.

Erik: We’ve trained ourselves to think we can fit our existence and what we know in a box—that we have parameters and boundaries. So for people to talk about space and that “space time continuum,” it shatters their glass box, and it’s very uncomfortable for people to do this.

Me: Yeah, I bet.

Erik: And so, people would rather say, ‘Ah, I don’t need to know that here.” You know what, they’re right. That’s why we come to earth. We come to narrow down. We come to simplify. We come to gain that “glass box” image.

Me: Hm.

Erik: So, if you want to talk about the nature of space, I think we really need to sit down and ask, ‘What do you want to present? What are you trying to show?’ I think the best lesson is this: It’s great to be narrow-minded while we can, because life is short. Of course you can ponder the infinite nature of space and a more expansive perspective, but you can’t live life from that perspective if it means not completing your spiritual contracts and the lessons you’re supposed to learn on the earthly plane. You have to live life from the perspective of a human being, uh, let me back up. You have to live life as a spiritual being living a human experience and not like a “free as a bird, eternal spirit.” You won’t learn shit like that.

Me: Yeah, we need to concentrate on the lessons we’re here to do and on using the duality of the earthly playing field to our best advantage. It’s too hard to create that duality, that contrast, when we have the expansive perspective we have when we’re discarnate like our eternal nature, our infinite realities and probabilities and dimensions and selves.

Jamie: He’s putting his finger up in the air.

Erik: You’re right! We do have to concentrate on a narrower perspective when we’re in the physical, and what’s the most important thing to concentrate on over there? HONOR. THAT is a concept of LOVE.

Me: Ahh!

Erik: Open communication from one human being to another.

Me: Yep.

Erik: And that means love for a plant, a tree, an insect, an animal, a being.

Me: Love for life, period. I mean, there are all sorts of love. Now, when we’re on this little stage, doing this little school play called the human experience, what you’re saying is that we need to concentrate on the play itself and the roles we have in it. We have to narrow things down and focus on the task at hand?

Erik: Yep. That’s the simple GLORY in life.




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