Why the Human Experience

I know I’ve addressed this question before, but again, I love getting Erik’s perspective from different mediums. Part of me wants confirmation to bolster my status as a recently reformed skeptic, and part of me wants to see if Erik has learned more about the subject so that he can share additional details and delve more deeply into the answers to our questions.

Before we dive in, I want to share a dream I had with Erik last night. The details are a bit fuzzy, but I met him in a nondescript room where there were other people as well. Some were wandering around, while others were sitting on benches or chairs. Erik was half leaning, half sitting on a low counter of some sort. He had his arms crossed. His hair was unruly, as usual, and his grin was one of contentment as he watched those around him. He was wearing blue jeans and a baseball shirt, white with three quarter length sleeves. Then, he turned to look at me and my heart stopped. We ran to each other and I folded him into my arms. Ah, the warmth, the love, the longing to mother my son. We hugged and kissed each other for a long time (but it’s never long enough.) He seemed happy and a bit surprised to see me. I could feel his face, smell his cheek, sense his love. It was pure bliss. While I was holding him, his age seemed to shift from baby to toddler to teen in random order, so I was able to experience all of the wonderful memories of being his mama from birth to death. Waking up was hard. But, back to work…

Channeling Transcript

Me: So Erik, why are problems so much more difficult to deal with in the afterlife? Why is it preferable to deal with them here? I ask this to help those who are considering suicide understand, uh, to realize that their problems not only stay with them when they cross over, but they also are much more difficult to manage.

Erik: Mom, we deal with issues on the earthly plane, not in Heaven. So if you don’t get something done here and now in your earthly lifetime, then you’re gonna have to deal with it when you reincarnate.

Me: Oh, alright. But in your case—

Erik: Wait, I’m not finished. Um, if we leave a lot of things undone and we come back to the afterlife, we can be remorseful, we can be very disappointed and unhappy with ourselves, but we’re not able to start working on things again until we go back to the earthly plane.

Me: Why is that?

Erik: Because of the duality, Mom. In heaven, everyone acts at the full level of their enlightenment. Souls here are very helpful to each other: very loving, nurturing, wanting to be of service to one another. It’s there on the earthly plane where we forget who we are, where we’ve been, what we’re supposed to be doing.

Kim: That’s spiritual amnesia. So we get here, and we don’t remember who and what we are and what our spiritual blueprint is.

Erik: And when we get to the earthly plane, we usually start working on those issues right away. Those issues make life very challenging where you are.

Me: Tell me about it!

Kim: Some people will run toward their issues and get the work done,

Erik: But most people, when they get adjusted to the earthly plane, start caring about what others think. They seek approval and acceptance. No one wants to be rejected. So what happens is we start giving away pieces of ourselves until we have no clue who in the hell we are and what we’re supposed to be doing. And it’s the struggle to figure out the answers to those questions that supply us with the challenges we need to grow. That rediscovery of ourselves is what we’re on the earthly plane to do. It’s more about remembering and less about learning.

Me: No pain, no gain. I get it. But Erik, you evolve in the afterlife too, right?

Erik: Yes, like when I had therapy, I was able to connect the issues I had in my last lifetime to past life events. But when I go back to the earthly plane, I’ll get that spiritual amnesia and have to deal with overcoming those issues again. You don’t realize it, Mom, but it’s a pain to cross over and realize you still have issues to resolve. That’s a big deal. You can understand your issues, um, you can see your issues here in heaven from a conceptual perspective, but you need the experiential component to really resolve them, to completely remember who and what you really are. It’s like taking organic chemistry; you need to take the lab to TOTALLY get it.

Me: Yeah, and even then…

Erik laughs.

Erik: I know they’ll be some people who are like, “Well, what the fuck? I just wanna be in heaven forever. To hell with the earthly plane.” But believe me, when you’re here, and you still have a lot of growth left to do, um and a lot of issues to deal with,  you really, really want to get it done. You might wanna take a break here, but the urge to go back and finish “remembering” is totally huge.

You know, every time I transcribe a part of a session, I want to clunk myself in the head like, “Oy, I should have had a V-8!” I always think, “I should have asked this, I should have asked that.” In the case of the Human Experience, I could write an entire book on that subject alone. That said, I’ll have to do the best I can, revisit subjects if it’s really pressing, and create a book that, although only touches the surface, will bring some comfort and confirmation for the readers.

Please don’t forget to visit the new forum, everyone. Jason has worked so hard to turn it into a beautiful community of sharing and learning. Even if you’ve been a member for months and months, I’d love for you to tell us more about who you are in the “Introduce Yourself” topic. Have a wonderful weekend.

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