Numerical Sequences, 2012 and Manifestations

I would like to thank all of you for sending love and healing thoughts to my father. Hopefully, when we go back for all the tests next week, we’ll find out that he’s the healthiest 90 year-old on the planet. Here’s some pictures of him both young and recent. Isn’t he dashing? He looks like one of the Spanish Conquistadors. (Hopefully the one that didn’t spread syphilis and smallpox!)

Jose Guapo

When you read the first part of this transcript, you can only imagine my surprise as the synchronicity, given today’s date: 1/11/11!

Channeling Transcript

Me: Tell me more about numerical sequences, Erik. For instance, for years, it seems like when I go to bed and glance over at my clock, it reads 11:11.

Erik (laughing): A.M., right?

Me: Erik! I’m old, but not that old!

Erik: Just kiddin’witcha, Mom.

Me (laughing): I know, Silly Goose. But seriously, I only recently read that I wasn’t alone, that it’s some sort of weird phenomenon, the 11:11 phenomenon. What’s with that? Is there any truth behind the theory that there are cosmic or angelic sequences of numbers?

Erik: Well, the human brain is always searching for order and meaning, and number sequences are perfect for that. So, what the guides will do is nudge someone to look at the clock at a certain time like 2:22 or 1:23 or 11:11, and that’s a sign that their angels are right there around them. You know, just like a tangible sign that they’re there. Course they always are, but sometimes you humans need a little reminder.

Me: Okay. That’s interesting. Now—

Erik: Oh, and nothing is gonna happen in 2012, Mom. We talked a little bit about that a long time ago, but I’m just sayin’.

Me: Yes, I remember, but I’m probably going to ask you some more details about that in another session.

Erik: I know.

Me: Yeah, of course you do, my little genius.

Erik laughs.

Me: Now, I’ve asked this question through another channel, but I’m going to ask you through Kim, too. Why are some people able to see spirits full on and not just in the periphery?

Erik: Well, that depends on two things. It depends on the spirit being able to materialize by using their electrical energy, and it depends on the human being open and choosing to develop their electrical energy to view and receive information telepathically. It’s all about electromagnetic energy, Mom. And the more the transmission and reception is practiced on the earthly plane or heaven, the clearer images can become.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Just because they’re not seeing a deceased family member or friend doesn’t mean they’re not there. If a human really practices developing their reception of electrical energy, they’ll become much more aware of all the spiritual beings around them.

Me: But why can some people only see spirits with their peripheral vision?

Erik: Well, a lot of times it’s because the spiritual being doesn’t wanna scare the crap out of the human. Also, when a human looks straight at a spiritual being, the logical part of the brain kicks in, and they sometimes analyze it out of existence. They don’t believe it’s a spirit so they refuse to see. Their narrow belief system closes them off, ACCESS DENIED.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Just like human beings, spirits only have a finite amount of energy when it comes to manipulating matter on the earthly plane and materializing. But they can learn to build it, focus it and mess with it in so many cool ways, Mom. I’ve been practicing and learning a whole bunch of new things.

Me: Oh, good! I can wait for your dress rehearsal! You can practice on me any time, my little muffin.

Erik: Oh, geez, Mom.

Mom: I know! I can’t help myself!

Erik (chuckling): You’re still a sap. At least you can’t pinch my cheeks and slobber all over me with kisses.

Mom: Oh, just you wait!

Here’s a funny cartoon Ceridwen shared with me today. Talk about synchronicity! Thanks Ceridwen!

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  • sharon77

    I LOVE this post! I know that I over analyze everything I get. I promise I am working on that Erik. Please keep practicing with me!

  • GeorgeN

    Synchronicity for sure! For the third time this week I woke up at 2:02 am and said to myself, “What’s with the 2:02?” And I’ve had many years of practice over-analyzing everything.

    This reminds me of a workshop I attended years ago that was teaching the participants how to really listen to other people. The specific skill we were going to practice called for us to listen to a short bit of information from a partner and then provide a restatement using our own words instead of parroting back the exact words our partner used. So, mentally I said “Okay George, you really need to focus, you need to really hear this, etc.” Well when I finished with my self-dialog, I realized my partner was almost done speaking! ADHD strikes me once again. The same thing happens when I try to focus too hard on being spiritually aware, I forget to just let the experience happen.

    With Love,

  • Patrick

    I hope I look half that good at 90….geez..I hope I GET to 90!!! All I can say is, great entry and GREAT socks!!

  • Kathleen

    I have been trying to come up with a fairly succinct description of what it is that Erik, Kim, Jamie and others have said about the afterlife, our angels, our decisions to return to earthly lives and our destiny. Also what God is or means. From reading this blog, I now have appointments with Jamie Butler and Kim O’Neill. Although I struggle to put it into words that others can understand (those who have not read the blog or opened themselves up to this kind of thought before), I feel comfortable knowing that I will have things to ask and say during the sessions. My best friend has an appt. with Jamie due to my encouragement and one of my sisters has an appt with Kim. I am trying to help them understand that this won’t be like a tarot reading or details about events of the future. If anyone can help me with some statements about how to be open in the session, please let me know. For those of you who have had a reading with Jamie and/or Kim, what do you suggest about how to handle the session? Should a series of questions be prepared?

    • Always have questions prepared, especially with Kim because she can talk fast and go off on tangents. You can ask Erik to be there to help since he’s so chatty and adores all of you. What topics do you want to discuss? Is it for channeling loved ones, career, health, love life, children, past lives…?

  • Paul Conklin

    Dear Erik and Elisa,

    Thanks Erik you are super cool. I don’t care what your mother says about ya. (wink)

    Here is what happened to me last night kiddo. While I was writing a very moving piece of poetry I detected a streak of light out of the corner of my right eye. I immediately sensed the presence of someone. I interpreted that it was my Guardian angel Gabriella.

    I get what you say Erik. If she had appeared right in front of me I would have had a cardiac. Well, the positive part of that is that I would have then be able to see you. (wink) That is not the first time that I have sensed someone on the room with me while I was writing or while I was at the computer. Several times I have sensed that a shadow appeared in my peripheral vision. Am I sensing spirit Erik? I think that I am.

    Anyway, thanks so much for all of your help. You and your mom are helping so many people. Just watch out for all of those slobbery kisses. (wink)


  • Leo

    That’s interesting, I posted that very same cartoon on Dec. 29th in the “recent topics” potential collaspe area. I’ve also been told, much like Erik states, that nothing significant will happen in 2012. Elisa, Jason and Robert know who I get most of my information from.

  • Skoshi

    Elisa, Your dad is a cutie tootie! : D

    He must be doing something right.

    My guides have also told me 2012 is nothing to worry about. It sure is getting a LOT of play on TV programs and movies. There is nothing in the Mayan literature that says we will be destroyed. Some Native Americans have come right out and said so too.

    I’ve seen “ghosts” as wisps, as shadows, and as fully materialized beings as solid as you and me. I also asked to see an angel and got to see one. It was large, powerful looking, and its wings radiated light. They were magnificent. Truly breathtaking. Our guides are very generous with us. If we ask to see something, if they can, they will give us what we ask for.

    Kathleen, I strongly recommend pre-writing a LOT of questions; even more than you think you will get to ask. I had a VERY EXPENSIVE session with Sylvia Browne, and when I ran out of questions, she ended the session, even though only 26 minutes had passed and I’d paid for an hour.

  • nina

    Loved this! Elisa prayers are with your daddy.

  • Shannon

    Oh Elisa, your dad is such a handsome man! I have such a soft spot for old guys. 😀

    I agree with Erik and Paul, even though I really want to see the Spirit Guides that hang out with me, I’d probably have a coronary if I saw them full-on. Once in a while I see Angels (they’re huge!), but it’s like an ultra fine transparency over the surrounding environment. It also doesn’t happen if I’m consciously looking for energies. Interesting stuff!

    I hope all goes well with your dad next week. Tomorrow I get to take grandpa (88) in for an MRI. This outing promises to be entertaining!

    Lots of love to you and yours,


    • Shannon, I hope one day I have a tenth of your channeling abilities. Can you teach me?

  • Thanks for sharing that information about 11:11 Elisa. I have been wondering for years about number sequences and Erik’s explanation just reaffirms what many people have been saying about it.
    What is weird though is one would think that the sequences would appear more when someone is feeling down and need some guidance. However, at least for me, I see the sequences more when I am in a high vibrational mode. Maybe I am just more receptive during those times.

    • I agree. Like Erik gives me major goosebumps when I’m on the right path or to just say YES. So maybe our guides use some sequences to say, “Yep, you’re doing okay. You made the right choice.”

  • Kathleen

    Will she cover things like relationships in the future, money issues, health issues, parental issues etc.? I mean Jamie and Kim.

    • Yes, she gets that from you guides. But she also channels your loved ones.

  • Paul Conklin

    Dear Shannon,

    You are right, the angels are huge. In a dream that I had four angels surrounded me and towered over me. They had to have been eight or nine feet tall.


  • Donna Block

    Hi Skoshi,
    That really, really bothers me about Sylvia. I have many of her books and love how she writes, but I always felt that it was crazy how much she charges. It kind of ruins things for me when that happens. I would have been sooooo upset about that…still. I had a reading with a lady who has written a book and lives up near Sylvia. She charged $300, which was a lot I thought, and I saved up a long time so I didn’t have to run it by my skeptical husband. She took 5 minutes telling me what she does (I knew, I had read her book 2 times) and then she ended at 52 minutes. Total of 47 minutes and some of it was going off on tangents. I was so sad. I want to try Jamie and Kim, too, but I don’t want to get disappointed again. Love all the comments you make Skoshi! 🙂 Donna

    • Maybe she donates or uses the money (or a large part of it) for a good cause? Surely someone as spiritual as her understands the emptiness behind collecting material possessions. I’m not saying it’s wrong to have nice things, but not as the end-all, be-all.

  • Shannon

    Hi Paul! Yep, I have 10′ high ceilings and there wasn’t much room for hoppin’ around when one showed up in my bedroom! The Angels that joined the class I was in at the beginning of December were the same size. This was a healing certification course brought about by the Feminine Divine so you know there were non-physical attendees! 😀 They definitely have a sense of humor too – the banquet room where the class was held had a concave ceiling over part of the room. The concave was painted with blue sky and clouds and had lighting that reminded me of the Venitian Hotel in Las Vegas (it always feels like it’s 3:00 in the afternoon on the top floor where the gondolas are). Three guesses as to where the Angels were hoovering… It was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud when I saw this! I sent out a silent “Oh, how cliche!” and got winks and huge grins in response. They hung out there for the majority of the course (4 days), or at least while our group was in the room. So cool!

    Elisa, I’m not sure how I’d go about teaching someone to channel! 😀 I could give it a shot if you like, just let me know how you want to go about it. If anyone wants to take a course in channeling, Eva Gregory offers Guidance On Demand. I think it’s a 12 week course. She channels Theos, a group of non-physical energies like Abraham, for those of you who are familiar with Esther and Jerry Hicks. It’s a wonderful interactive process!


  • Shannon

    Elisa, I got it!!! I have a conference call account where multiple people can call one number and the calls can be recorded. We could schedule a weekly meeting time, say Tuesdays, 5:00 p.m. PT, and anyone from the blog can join. After the call, I can post the link to the recording so anyone who couldn’t join live but wants to hear what’s going on anyway can replay the call. Kinda like a teleseminar, but without the internet link. What do you think??


    • Yes, yes, yes, Shannon!! What topic shall we start with? Eventually, we can do video chats and post them on YouTube!

  • I’m so happy you brought up the number sequences!!!

    For over a year, I have been experiences many many things with the 11:11 calls. After being prompted to see it so many times and thinking that it’s my angels/guides trying to reach me, I spoke out to them and we now communicate through this (showing me 11:11) and also through license plates.

    I remember one day I was feeling a bit down before going to class, so in my car, before leaving for class – I said a prayer for them to give me a sign that they are with me. As I was on my way driving home that same day, a car abruptly swerved
    out right in front of me and the license plate read, “1111 HA”. I broke into laughter because theyre such a silly bunch and I knewwww it was them saying “Heyyyyy, we’re herrreeee!!”

    That was almost a year ago. Today, I said a special prayer because of the date and gave them a special thanks for making themselves more visible through these nudges to look at the clock while it’s 11:11, and while running some errands in town, who do I see driving the opposite direction?

    “1111 HA”

    Angels/guides are the besssstttttt 🙂

    • I LOVE ANGELS. Let’s be sure we tell them that we love them today!!!

  • PS

    With all this talk of angels, and having been surrounded by angel imagery from a very young age, I really look forward to being able to see one!

    They sound so majestic and loving 🙂
    I wish I could interview one or something lol.

    I wonder if it’s a bit of a fright for those of you that have seen one though. I mean, an 8-9 feet huge being standing there?! Oh lord. Hopefully they can send some super calm and loving waves of energy so you know there’s nothing to fear.

    Otherwise, it’s like, “Heyy I know you’re splendid, holy and all but can we do this another time, cause you’re FREAKING
    SCARYY!” lol.

    • Michelle has already told Erik not to visit her at night and he says, “you mean like this,” and gives the mental picture of slowly surfacing from the side of her bed and going, “BOOOO!!” She says, “Yeah, you better not, you little fucker.”

  • Skoshi

    Pets’ sixth sense:

    And some cats play with Erik! : D

    • Our Russian Blue cat, Bluebell, always sits in the lap of anyone who’s sad or sick. We call her “Nurse Bluebell.” And Ringo always cries when a thunderstorm is approaching. He’s a real scaredy cat! I guess not having a strong analytical, logic-based brain really leaves animals more receptive to such things.

  • Steve

    I definitely have an outline of areas I want to cover when I go to Jamie. Otherwise, remember to relax and let what happens happen. Don’t try to force a session. One thing to prepare ahead of time is to try to remember everyone over the years that you knew that have passed away, as some very random people can appear from your past that you have completely forgotten about.

  • Steve

    Elisa, I hope I look as good as your father does at 90 when I’m 70!

    I’ve never seen spirit. Nothing, nada. VERY frustrating, as I truly believe in ghosts and spirit.

    I’m very open to seeing them, and I hope that Jamie’s class on Saturday will help. I do promise to share the tips I’ve learned with everyone. I’ll email Elisa the details and have her post the info somewhere on this site.

    • Can’t wait, Steve! In Jamie’s latest newsletter, she asks for a count on how many people would be interested in teleseminars. I voted Hell yeah! Also, you can sign up for a sitting with her on some special TV program. I can’t, because I’ve already had a sitting with her. For those of you who haven’t, I highly recommend you sign up, because it’s free!

  • @ Skoshi and Kathleen. Yes do write down lots of questions and try to rate them 1 through whatever in importance to you. I would put non yes or no questions, the ones that will make you go back and think; put at the top. It’s tricky when addressing the question of whom to talk to as Spirit translator. one because of the wide range of ways sensitive people receive communication and two because of the wide range of ways different spirits give it. Also sensitives have a wide range of personalities and business practices. Some it’s a business, some it’s a ministry, and some it’s both or other. Impossible to judge. The best bet is to try to develop one’s self to communicate with one’s own guides and angels or loved ones or higher self. And only use sensitives as encouragement and validation. I dunno. What do I know. ha!

    @ Todd, most Spirit communication will happen when your vibrations are high. It’s harder for spirits to lower their vibrations when we are in dark places mentally and emotionally. I’ve been told sometimes our vibrations and low emotional states get so low it becomes a wall between us and them. But it really depends on the level of the Spirit, and the intent of our desires. The other times they contact us is when we seek them with proper intent. For example, if I am throwing a hissy fit over a bad attitude, I’ve been told before, “Fine, work it out, We’ll be here when your done pitching a fit.” Or if I complain about life they say, “Do you really expect us to tell you what to do, when you already know why your mad, sad, etc. etc… are you going to sit there or are you going to get up and do something?” Then if I decide not to wallow, and do something positive and change my outlook, then, that’s when the manifestation happens. The numbers, the lights, the skin sensation, the further communication.

    @ Paul and Shannon. I like reading descriptions of your experiences. My angels only appeared to me once I started believing in them, which came about after working out what my afterlife beliefs were. Then I set the intent with my guides that I wanted to learn about them and speak to them. After a few weeks of that.. of trying to sense them, visualize them, and talk to them… I had a low moment in my life that involved over coming fear. As soon as I was able to change my perspective and pull myself up they manifested to tell me I made the proper change and did the right thing. But to me they appeared as I was laying in bed in the dark and and spoke in one voice as a collective “WE”, and they appeared as spirit lights and whirling misty, plasma like whips of cloud shapes that swirled around the room. Their voice kind of boomed in my head and had musical quality to it. In my minds eye they looked just like bloby shapes of light scattered all around me in 4D space of a inky void. No wings. As far as I understand it how they look depends on our beliefs. Over time, I got frustrated in trying to mentally separate them out and look for individuals. I like to give names to “Them all”. ha ha.. So finally they just told me to call them “Angel”. Which I find hysterical and so do they. They don’t talk much, but when they do I actually address them as, “Hey Angel” but think “the group”. And they always laugh and say, “Yes child we are here”.

    @ Paul. Yes Shadows can be guides, spirit, etc. I’ve been told manipulating existing light or lack of takes less energy than generating their own in our plane. I am not sure what to think of that. But I’ll keep an open mind on it.


  • john joseph

    Thank you for that distinction, Erik. I guess we have to re-train the right brain to revive and take it’s rightful place in our consciousness in order to reclaim our birthright – communicating with other planes and our own spiritual heritage.

    Great post.

  • Denise

    One day I was standing next to my cashier. She was having a difficult time at that point of her life. A pleasant looking middle aged man came in and said hello and then told my cashier what a lovely smile she had. She looked at me as if she felt bad he didn’t compliment me. I heard a clear voice in my head “he’s an angel”. He made a few other random comments, never commented on the store or asked any questions, then left. He was there maybe 3 or 4 minutes. Her gift that day was a pleasant man making her feel special and my gift was letting me know he was an angel.

    • WOW, Denise, what a touching story! I bet we’ve all crossed paths with angels whether we’ve realized it or not!

  • Gwen

    Elisa…This is one of my favorite topics of interest! In Doreen Virtue’s book “Healing With The Angels” the last chapter is Number Sequences from the Angel. It is one of their ways of communicating with us….So when I became aware of this several years ago I started to “look” at the clock when I woke up to see what time it was and then I read the “meaning” attached to it…..I woke up this morning at 3:03 and what I read in correspondence to that time was right on….I clearly get what they are wanting me to know about my current thoughts. Sometimes it is about changing my thoughts in order to move forward on my path but is always about encouragement….Kim says around 3:00 a.m. is usually when are in our “deep” sleep and not distracted and therefore they can get our attention….
    My first reading (ever) was with Kim in 2005 and a few since then. She recommended I read her book “Talking With Your Angels” first….So I would have some idea of “what’s it all about” and it would prepare me for the reading….YES, writing down ALL the questions that are important to you to and put then in order of priority……One hour can go by really fast!!
    I would really like to see an angel full-on while I am awake but have not so far or even close to it…I am not going to give up….I have been told they “know” when we are ready. Once I did ask an archangel to appear for me and she did. In a dream. Do not remember now which one but it made a Believer out of me!!
    I get validation each time I read what the blog member are sharing…Thanks to Eric. And to you Elisa for stepping out of your comfort zone( I would think this might be true?)

    Love and Gratitude to All!

    • Yes, Gwen, it’s uncomfortable to write about Erik sometimes, because it always brings me back to that terrible day and it reminds me that he’s not here in the physical for me to lavish with hugs and kisses, but at the same time, it’s healing. I heal by helping others, including Erik, so…

  • Do you want to know something really cool?

    I was born on 21st Dec 1967 (= 29 = 11) at 11:15 am.

    My birth name is Latika Tripathi = 38 = 11. (Not western numerology, I do the folowing: A I J Q Y = 1, B K R = 2, C G L S = 3, D M T = 4, H E N X = 5, U V W = 6, O Z = 7, P F = 8, No Alphabet = 9).

    The Mayan calendar ends on 21st Dec 2012 ( = 11 when totalled) at 11:11 am.

    Interesting…huh? When I heard about all this (I’ve been into numreology for 7-8 years now, and even changed my name twice – not knowing all this significance, and the Mayan date was not known to me till about 2 years ago), I got more intrigued BECAUSE it was ending on my birthdate…

    Anyway after learning Theta I asked the Creator if the time that was recorded was perhaps noted as a rounded off figure as those days they may not have had digital clocks..and I got that the birth time was 11:11 am…

    Do ask Erik to go and check my Akashakic records for the time of birth! 🙂

  • From a metaphyscian’s perspective I would like to interject this thought in the matter of revealing future events.

    Every individual vibrates on a particular frequency & that frequency then attracts the exact proportion of like experiences.

    The danger that occurrs in attempting to predict future events is that the prediction is based on the individual’s current range of vibrational frequency.

    On any range of vibrational frequency there exists an infinite number of related possibilites of which any number of them move into a position of “likely to occur” desirable or undesirable probabilities – but are always in accordance with the existing frequency.

    So you see the act of making such predictions could essentially not only limit that person’s future desirable experiences but can also greatly hinder that person’s ability to raise their vibrational frequency. Not to mention such predictions can unkowningly contain potential and harmful experiences – even life threatening.

    The reason is that when a prediction is made, given the person’s vibrational frequency, and the person takes action on that prediction it can lead them into a very dangerous situation.

    For example, a woman may inquire about a probable relationship with a particular man – again, bearing in mind her frequency. The woman receives the green flag from the predictor and unkowningly walks right into a burning fire because this man may in fact be the worst thing that could happen to her for the simple fact that like attracts like, which means that there is a mathematical calculation working behind the scenes that states the woman (a), whose mental plane is on a lower level not conducive to attracting Mr. Right for all the right reasons (b)will encounter a “likely to occur” undesirable probabilily (c) because “like attracts like” (d). On the mental plane we know this universal law as the Law of Cause & Effect where cause (a) factors into cause (b)which factors into cause (c) which = (d)undesirable results.

    The best approach to navigate toward “likely to occur” desirable experiences is to examine the vibrational frequency an individual is transmitting & receiving electrical signals (i.e. circumstances & events). The proof will always be in the pudding in the form of results.

    If the results an individual is experiencing are undesirable then it stands to reason that the frequency must be raised by the action of learning how to raise one’s conscious awareness of ones own self, not by predicting future events. Thus, desirable results are produced automatically!

    Love & Light,

    • Personally, I think it’s fine to play with predictions as long as we understand that caveat that the past and future are fluid and changeable. And perhaps the predictor is part of the spiritual blueprint, who knows? The ultimate responsibility is up to the individuals: what they attract into their lives, how they deal with predictions, where to place their faith. I don’t believe that any situation is dangerous. it just IS. What’s the worse that can happen? We die? We go Home? Big deal! As Erik says, there is no Right or Wrong. There just IS. Everything is a lesson. Everything contributes to our spiritual progress. Even predictions taken too seriously. These can be valuable lessons in an of themselves.

  • Elizabeth Schrader

    Amazing!! I was just telling my husband this weekend about the 11:11 clock issue that has been driving me wild for years. I told him, “I don’t know why but I always seem to be drawn to look at the clock at 11:11.” Now I know why – and thanks angels!

  • Paul Conklin

    Dear Elisa and everyone here,

    What do you all think about getting together on a conference call? There is something on the net called free conference You call a number and then you dial punch in a six digit access code followed by the pound sign.

    We could discuss all of our discoveries and our experiences. It would be a way to connect despite being separated by so much distance. We could compare what we have learned and discuss ways to progress. We could help each other with our problems. Only if you want to. What do you think?

    We could pick a day of the week and a time and maybe keep it to an hour or so. Since we span the three time zones maybe 9 eastern time would be good. That would be 6 pacific time. I think that we have so much that we can learn from one another and we can encourage one another at the same time.


    • I’d be excited about doing something like that. I might not be able to do it each time, depending on work, family, writing and stuff, but, let’s “see a show of hands!”

  • Paul Conklin

    Dear Elizabeth,

    The 11:11 phenomenon is one way that our celestial friends are waking us up to the reality that other dimensions exist and that there is life after death. I have heard that about seventy-five million people have been prompted so far. Some persons see the connection and many more are clueless as to what is happening. The fact that you are being prompted means that you definitely have your own set of seraphic guardians.

    The cool thing Elizabeth is that once you reach
    a certain level of spirituality you earn yourself your own seraphic pair. They actually choose you. They volunteer to guide you in this life.


  • Petrus

    About number sequences… I just realized the other day that there is an almost poetic sequence to the fate of that little girl who died in the mindless shooting in Arizona. I read she was born on the day of 9/11, a baby of hope. She died aged nine, in year eleven. The date of this act of terror and death was 8.1.-11 (8+1 equalling… 9).

    I guess we can all figure out something poignant in this numeric poem, even if it were a product of an over-analyzing brain. Bless her short life and may she find peace in the afterlife.

    • Uncanny, Petrus! This sent shivers down by spine! To me, it suggests her death was her destiny. Lot’s of lessons are hidden in that sacrifice.

  • petrus

    I think so too, Elisa. From an entirely personal point of view, and geographically far away from U.S., my hair goes gray from the mere thought that one of my daughters would perish like that, for one of them to have a destiny like that. (Mine are now 11, born in -99.)

    I hope goodness comes out of that utter un-goodness. Something like “Angel Action” does give hope.

  • Jane

    Hi, I really loved this post and how positive it was. I also realized I just cannot believe that 9 foot tall beautiful angels would have nothing better to do than hang around me. I mean, they must be off doing things and just stop by and visit every now and again, right? Or b/c they are spiritual beings they can be in several places (all places?) simultaneously?

    If those angels are really with me all the time it certainly lends a lot more urgency to the life I’m living. Like “oh my gosh I must be supposed to do something really important!” Or “I must be really important!” I can accept that logically but on some level, emotionally i think, i resist it. It seems preposterous – directing this at the sheer novelty of the concept, not at this blog – just for how mundane and basic life is many times.
    I mean, sometimes I’m pooping! 🙂

    • I know, it sorta creeps me out to think that they watch us shower, poop and pick our noses. From what I understand, we have angels around us all the time. I can just see them sitting on bleachers, munching on popcorn and pointing and laughing. We could sell tickets.

  • Christine

    My Son died on 3-21. It seems that the clock is always at 3:21 when I am thinking about him. I always think they are a sign post for me that he is with me or that I am where I am supposed to be. Sometimes it is an address or phone number or license plate. They are so clever in heaven!

    • Ah, he’s sending you a little message, isn’t he, Christine. “Hey Mom!”

  • I see these numbers all the time and sometimes for days ……it is so funny and it is so reasuring I love those angels. Erik is definatley one of those……High vibrational beings. 2012 is just a shift in consciousness and we as people are either going to accept the shift and move into a higher way of living or we will run into complications. This is what I feel and does not mean it is the truth it is just what I have been receiving through my own awareness and that does not mean it is exactly on target. But I feel that the more people who move into a higher frequency the higher vibration of the Earth keeping her in balance free from any major changes.

  • Jane

    haha seriously Elisa 🙂 I hope you see your angels too, if you don’t already.

    Kathy I liked your post, thank you.

  • Heidi

    This is so cool to know! For the past couple of months I am drawn to look at the clock and it will be 4:16 which also happens to be my birthday. Every time I can’t help but think of my grandparents and Erik. My husband thought I was nuts until I started to point it out to him and even then I get the feeling he thinks I’m sitting around watching the clock. Thanks for the confirmation that I’m not nuts!

  • Stacey Terry

    Hi Erik and Elisa! I saw 11:11 for several years (and still do)… but now instead of 11:11 I have been seeing 10:10 almost daily! I have looked it up on various sites and see different meanings attributed. If number sequences come up again, I would love to hear Erik’s insights on why the nudge has shifted to a new number.

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