Numerical Sequences, 2012 and Manifestations

I would like to thank all of you for sending love and healing thoughts to my father. Hopefully, when we go back for all the tests next week, we’ll find out that he’s the healthiest 90 year-old on the planet. Here’s some pictures of him both young and recent. Isn’t he dashing? He looks like one of the Spanish Conquistadors. (Hopefully the one that didn’t spread syphilis and smallpox!)

Jose Guapo

When you read the first part of this transcript, you can only imagine my surprise as the synchronicity, given today’s date: 1/11/11!

Channeling Transcript

Me: Tell me more about numerical sequences, Erik. For instance, for years, it seems like when I go to bed and glance over at my clock, it reads 11:11.

Erik (laughing): A.M., right?

Me: Erik! I’m old, but not that old!

Erik: Just kiddin’witcha, Mom.

Me (laughing): I know, Silly Goose. But seriously, I only recently read that I wasn’t alone, that it’s some sort of weird phenomenon, the 11:11 phenomenon. What’s with that? Is there any truth behind the theory that there are cosmic or angelic sequences of numbers?

Erik: Well, the human brain is always searching for order and meaning, and number sequences are perfect for that. So, what the guides will do is nudge someone to look at the clock at a certain time like 2:22 or 1:23 or 11:11, and that’s a sign that their angels are right there around them. You know, just like a tangible sign that they’re there. Course they always are, but sometimes you humans need a little reminder.

Me: Okay. That’s interesting. Now—

Erik: Oh, and nothing is gonna happen in 2012, Mom. We talked a little bit about that a long time ago, but I’m just sayin’.

Me: Yes, I remember, but I’m probably going to ask you some more details about that in another session.

Erik: I know.

Me: Yeah, of course you do, my little genius.

Erik laughs.

Me: Now, I’ve asked this question through another channel, but I’m going to ask you through Kim, too. Why are some people able to see spirits full on and not just in the periphery?

Erik: Well, that depends on two things. It depends on the spirit being able to materialize by using their electrical energy, and it depends on the human being open and choosing to develop their electrical energy to view and receive information telepathically. It’s all about electromagnetic energy, Mom. And the more the transmission and reception is practiced on the earthly plane or heaven, the clearer images can become.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Just because they’re not seeing a deceased family member or friend doesn’t mean they’re not there. If a human really practices developing their reception of electrical energy, they’ll become much more aware of all the spiritual beings around them.

Me: But why can some people only see spirits with their peripheral vision?

Erik: Well, a lot of times it’s because the spiritual being doesn’t wanna scare the crap out of the human. Also, when a human looks straight at a spiritual being, the logical part of the brain kicks in, and they sometimes analyze it out of existence. They don’t believe it’s a spirit so they refuse to see. Their narrow belief system closes them off, ACCESS DENIED.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Just like human beings, spirits only have a finite amount of energy when it comes to manipulating matter on the earthly plane and materializing. But they can learn to build it, focus it and mess with it in so many cool ways, Mom. I’ve been practicing and learning a whole bunch of new things.

Me: Oh, good! I can wait for your dress rehearsal! You can practice on me any time, my little muffin.

Erik: Oh, geez, Mom.

Mom: I know! I can’t help myself!

Erik (chuckling): You’re still a sap. At least you can’t pinch my cheeks and slobber all over me with kisses.

Mom: Oh, just you wait!

Here’s a funny cartoon Ceridwen shared with me today. Talk about synchronicity! Thanks Ceridwen!

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