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I’ll be doing the ‘Releasing Blocks’ call on Thursday, March 17, 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time (and Arizona), 6:00 p.m. Mountain Time, 7:00 p.m. Central Time, 8:00 p.m. Eastern time.  Google ‘United States Time Zones’ if you’re not sure which zone you are in.

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By the way, I channeled Erik a few days ago, and he made a comment about the challenges we live through here on the earthly plane: the troubles at work, the difficulties with our various relationships, the feelings of depression or loneliness, the grief over the loss of our loved ones, and so on. To paraphrase, he said that once we cross over, we’ll see just how trivial all our struggles actually were. Those dragons we try to slay every day are tiny gnats swarming around our faces. And we will laugh, lovingly, at how caught up we were in all the drama. Even the deaths. Even the heartbreaks. Even the financial ruin. Even the disabling illnesses. When the curtain falls and the school play is finished, we’ll realize how deep into character we were when we played those roles in that hellish plot. In the end, the illusion fades and everything will be just fine. So, maybe we should work on shifting our perception now. Why wait until we cross over to realize just how unimportant our troubles are in the glorious grand scheme of things? I know it sounds like it’s easier said than done, but perhaps it’s the heaviness of the drama that leads us to believe such an obstacle is insurmountable. Maybe we should just try and see what happens. Are you game?

Channeling Transcript

Me: Okay, we’ve covered this before, but let’s see if you have anything else to share. Do souls ever die? So they join the Source Energy when they’re fully evolved and, if so, do they lose their personality and individuality? From what I understand, they don’t lose any of that; they just gain the collective consciousness, right?

Erik: Yeah, they don’t really lose their self-identity. There’s no loss.

Me: Okay.

Erik: There’s only gain. If they want to walk back to God Source, they relinquish their right to be a reincarnating soul. They’re a part of the Source.

Me: The collective pool.

Erik: Yes.

Me: Can they change their mind?

Erik: Sure, nothing is permanent here. Free will reigns throughout.

Me: Okay, that’s comforting. Um, here’s another one a lot of people seem to ask. What’s the difference between ghosts and spirits?

Jamie laughs at Erik.

Erik: You know this one, Mom!

Me: I know, but I have to have it in your words for the book!

Erik: Ghosts are the souls who don’t transition into a higher dimensional plane. They stay in third dimension realm.

Me: Is that an inferior state, like, “I’m so confused; I wanna stay here,” or is it all about free will and some souls just like to hang out on the earthly plane?

Erik: Well, that’s the whole big thing people like to call hell. It’s the furthest separation you can get from God Source. Home base.

Jamie (giggling): Oh I like that, “That’s the furthest you can get from home base.”

Me (in jest): So we ARE living in hell! I knew it! I knew it!

Erik: No, we’re closer to Source while we’re in human form. When we leave this realm and become a spirit but choose not to transition and stay on earth, that’s actually further from Source.

Me: Oh, wow.

Erik: There’s much more despair.

Me (somberly): Yeah. That’s awful.

Erik: Because there’s no excuse, Mom. When you’re stuck in a human body, you can talk yourself through how awful it can be being in a body, how you can’t be Home—

Me: Yeah.

Erik:—How you can’t transition into Heaven. So, humans can get that spiritual depression that comes from being stuck. But ou can’t have that spiritual depression when you’re a ghost. A soul is what’s in the human body. A ghost is a soul that’s outside the human body but hasn’t transitioned. A spirit is a soul that’s transitioned Home. Now a spirit can come to visit on the earthly plane, but they’ve already transitioned Home. Like me, I come to visit you and Robert and Jason and a bunch of the others who are part of the blog.

Me: Ah, I see. But aren’t there entities that help these ghosts transition?

Erik: Yes, but we can only help if they’re asking for it. They have to be open to it, and that takes a higher vibrational level than what they have at that moment.

Me: Okay, so it’s that whole narrow belief system you talked about before. You can’t get into that dense energy.

Erik: Yeah, and it gets heavier and darker when you die and choose not to leave. Because some of them can only focus on that one moment when they died, and they’ve forgotten all else. Or they can only focus on their wife, then their wife passes away and they’re stuck on their wife. It’s about focus, narrow focus. That’s why it’s important for people to encourage their deceased loved ones to go ahead and transition. Don’t worry, cuz they can always come back, and they will. You know, lot’s of humans help do this when they’re asleep. They help their loved ones transition. It can be loved ones from this life of someone else in their soul group that’s been living in another family. Hell, it can be anyone. Some people are really good at helping souls transition, and they do it in sleep when they’re in a body or they also do it when they’re in spirit.

Me: That’s so cool!



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