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Enjoy blog member, Randi’s, Erik experience. I always enjoy wondering: ‘Who’s next?’ Maybe it’s you!
Hi Elisa!

I’ve been meaning to write you for a few days now — I’ve also been meaning to call Robert — but work is so insane right now that I was actually up until 4 am last Saturday night. Ugh. Just such a crazy couple of weeks. I am sure you can relate!

In any case, just wanted to let you know that Erik was up to some of his usual tricks with opening my drawers. He MUST know that I am OCD about shut cabinets and finds this hysterical. I was using a potholder and kept thinking, “I need to put this away,” but, for whatever reason — and despite glancing at the closed drawer many times — was too lazy to do it. I left the kitchen to eat and when I came back, the drawer that holds my potholders and towels was wide open. I guess Erik was trying to tell me to get off my lazy butt and put it away. 🙂

(Randi goes on to describe a personal dilemma in her life. Out of respect for her privacy, I’ve omitted the details of the situation.)

In any case, that same night, after I saw the open drawer and stopped laughing about it, I spoke to Erik out loud. Kind of like, “Ok, Mr. Smarty Pants.” I asked him if I was crazy to be holding on to this, and that I really want to let go of it if I’m making a mountain out of a molehill and it’s time to get over it. I started to ask him if he could give me specific types of signs and then I remembered that it probably doesn’t work that way and told him just to give me a sign that I would understand. I figured that he’s smart enough to do something that would let me know either way whether I need to let go or trust my gut.

I then sighed heavily and sat down to get back to a tv show I was watching (Parenthood — pretty much the only show I watch!) A commercial I had never seen before started the second I sat down. It won’t make sense to you to go into the details of why this was absolutely the sign I needed from Erik (and had I not just had that conversation with him, I wouldn’t have thought twice about this commercial), but I assure you, it WAS. I started laughing (and tearing up a bit) and how hilarious it was that he immediately answered my request in such an obvious way.

Anyway, just thought I’d share. I know you love to hear about Erik’s visits — which seem to be more frequent!! 🙂




I recently friended Dr. Tom Campbell on Facebook. He’s the physicist who wrote the famous trilogy, My Big TOE (Theory of Everything). I told him how much I respected his work and how I’ve recommended it to the other members of the blog and here’s one of his replies in a long exchange of messages. I thought you’d all like to check these links out.

Another place to send them that may be less daunting than 850 pages of text would be to my YouTube site: The Hawaii workshop was broken into three two hour parts: Seminar(theory and how and why it all works – 14 ten minute segments — ), Questions (from the audience – application of the theory — ), and Experiential Exercises (teaching healing and remote viewing skills and theory — )

A DVD of the Hawaii workshop with better video and audio will be available soon.



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