Possessions, Orbs and Reincarnation

Channeling Transcript

Me: Okay, a lot of people have asked this one, Erik. It’s about possession. Can spirits possess the bodies of humans? I’m talking about demonic or non-demonic spirits.

Erik (chuckling): Is this the part of the book when you need to warn people whether they should read forward or not?

Jamie and I laugh.

Me: Maybe. I guess it all hangs on what you say, Sweetie!

Erik: Yes. Yes they can. Possessions do happen, demonic and non-demonic.


Me: Okay, but are there really evil spirits? I mean—

Erik: Sure. Just as there are evil people, there are evil spirits. After all, there’s still free will. A switch doesn’t get hit that’ll make you all knowing and great ad helpful just because you leave the body.

Me: Ah! Okay. Too bad.

Erik: You still have the free will to use that power to pull people away from Light.

Me: Um hm.

Erik: There are entities who thrive on that. They thrive on separation, on fear, on negative energy.

Me: Oh, did you just push the cat down again, Erik? He just flopped over on his side!

Jamie (giggling): Yeah, he told me he just did!

Me: Yeah, Ringo just totally collapsed like someone pushed him over.

Erik: He loves it when I do that to him!

Jamie and I laugh.

Me: So what about multiple personalities? Do these have something to do with possessions?

Erik: Yeah, it can and it usually is.

(Long pause as I wait for Erik to expound, but I guess that’s all he knows at the moment.)

Me: Well, what about benevolent possessions? Can spirits possess a human to help out?

Erik: Sure, especially healing spirits who will possess a body that’s in a coma state—

Me: Hm! Wow!

Erik: —or if something really traumatic happens, maybe right before they die. Those are two of the examples I can come up with now.

Me: Interesting. Okay, I think I have time for four more quick questions. Um, let’s see. (Pause) Oh, when people see orbs in photographs, are they truly spirits? I’m sure some of them are, but not all of them.

Erik (chuckling): Most of them are dust particles.

Me: Oh, really?

Erik: Yeah. You can tell when they’re dust particles if they have like a fine line around the edge, um or when they’re like more defined looking.

Me: Oh, okay!

Erik:—a defined line around the edge. If it seems to have a light source of its own and doesn’t have a defined edge, that’s what you can call a true spiritual orb.

Me: Now, some people have found orbs on photos and say they actually see faces in them.

Erik: Oh, definitely! Pictures are great for picking up spirits.

Me: Mmm. I’m going to go through all of my pictures from our trip to Norway and see if you’re in any of them, Baby!

(We took so many photos, I sort of forgot to do the orb search, but I’ll try to get to that this week and let y’all know if I find anything interesting!)

Erik: I will be.

Me: Awesome! Okay, let’s see. Oh yeah, here’s one. What happens when animals hibernate? What happens to their spirits? Or plants—what happens to their spirits when they die back in the winter before they return in the spring? Do they go out traveling all over the planet or the universe, like taking a little break or vacation?

Erik: Well, the dying back of plants and animals going into hibernation is the same thing. They pull deep within themselves for a moment of rest. Plants pull into their roots or the core of the stalk, but the soul doesn’t leave plants or animals when they do that.

Me: Oh, okay!

Erik: It’s more like an extended dream state.

Me: Hmm. Now, can you travel through our bodies, Erik? Can you just fly right through since you don’t have that “stop mechanism” you spoke about before?

Erik: Yeah, of course!

Me: What would that feel like to us?

Erik: It makes some people just take a deep breath

(I can hear Jamie inhaling sharply.)

Erik: Like a gasp, like you can’t get enough oxygen.

Me: Okay. I’ve had that happen a lot since you died! I just suddenly gasp for no reason.

Erik: Yeah, and some people will sneeze.

Me: Okay.

Erik: So, it varies, but you definitely feel that gasp of like something just happened.

Me: Can you merge with a person?

Erik: Merge with a person?

Me: Yeah, with our consciousness. Can you merge with our consciousness when you’re in there?

Erik: Yeah, for brief moments of time, but really, the human structure doesn’t allow for it, at least not for more than a few moments at a time.

Me: I get it. Now, when we dream about our loved ones in a lucid dream, do we actually get to be with them?

Erik: Hell yeah, you’re actually with them for real. You’re just not dragging that damn body all over the place when you meet. (Giggling) That’s gonna wanna make some people want to sleep all the time!

Me: I know, I know! And I’m one of ‘em! I love hanging out with you in those lucid dream states. Wish there were more of them!


Me: Okay, a couple more. Is there a hierarchy of angels? People talk about the seraphic angels, other orders of angels, different types of guardian angels, and so on.

Erik: There are different kinds of angels, Mom, yes. They do different roles or duties; they have different focuses; they teach or supply certain types of vibrations. Now, defining if they’re on a different level, this just goes back to the conversation we had a long time ago.

Me: Yeah, there are no levels, no superior/inferior. Okay, so it’s all role-based. Now, what does it feel like to reincarnate back into a body? Do you go to sleep first? How does it feel? I bet it feels the way I feel trying to get back into my so-called skinny jeans after the holidays. I have to tug on the belt loops and jump up and down!

Jamie and Erik both laugh hard. I’m sure Erik has seen me get red in the face as I struggle to wiggle into them. A girl just can’t get any privacy, can she?

Erik: That’s a hard question to answer, because you’re being specific to one person. The experience is different for everyone.

Me: Ah, yeah!

Erik: But in general, it does feel like a sleep. I don’t know how to describe it except it’s like a simplifying moment. Plus, it depends on how you’re reincarnating. Are you coming in at conception?

Me: Oh, yeah, that’s right!

Erik: Or are you coming in at four months, six months, eight months, or at birth? That’ll make a big difference on how you need to adjust your spirit to fit the vessel.

Me: Ah! Okay, so I guess that’s it; we’re out of time. I wanna say I love you so much, Erik! And thank you, Jamie, for taking care of so many of the blog members. They’ve just been so impressed by your gift. And I know you and I are going to have a lot of exciting adventures in our future work together. It’s going to be fun, very fun!

Jamie: Yes, it’ll be fun!

Me (in a very sappy tone): And Erik, I love you so much, Baby Boy.

Jamie (giggling): He gives you a soft little salute off his head.

Me (with even more sap): Aw! Okay, I love you!

Erik: Bye, Mom. I love you very much.

Me: Bye, Jamie. Thank you!

Jamie: You’re welcome!




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