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Channeling Transcript

Me: Okay, now, let’s talk a little bit more about children, since we’re on that subject. I’ve asked this through another channel, like some of these other questions, but, like I keep saying, I want as much detail and consistency as possible for the book.

Erik: Yeah, I know, Mom.

Me: So, why, uh, you know kids are able to astral travel, share dreams with us, have imaginary friends—which I’m sure just means they can see and communicate with their spirit guides—and they see the deceased more. Why is that?

Erik: Because the part of the brain that discounts all of that hasn’t taken hold yet, and hasn’t become the dominant directing force of their being. That’s just one reason. After a while, they pick up on the fact that adults don’t see spirits or astral travel, so they’re like, what the fuck? Maybe I’m nuts. So that ability gets suppressed.

Me: Yeah, and is it also because it takes a few years before they totally commit to that body? Does it take time to completely connect and become grounded to their new body?

Kim: Erik’s laughing real hard now!

Erik (laughing): Well, some people never do!

Me (laughing): And I think I’m one of them!

Erik: Ha ha! Yeah, you were just asking that. Some people never get comfortable in the body, and they see the earthly plane as totally alien and being in a physical body as alien.

Me: Yep, yep.

Erik: And guess what? It is! We spend most of our time here in heaven in spirit.

Me: Yep, that’s true! So why is it that when we become adults we stop being able to see spirit? Why wouldn’t it totally be okay for us to see you, say? What’s wrong with us peon humans being able to see all spiritual beings.

Erik: But Mom, you can?

Me: I know, I know, but why isn’t it easier? Why isn’t it as easy as me looking at the toaster on the kitchen counter? Why can’t it be as plain as day, like you walk through the front door in plain sight and say, “Hey Mom, I’m home!”

Erik: But it can be—

Me: Aw, I was afraid you’d say that.

Erik: —if, if a spiritual being chooses to materialize and if a human being works on their ability to, um, to receive electrical energy. It can be that way, Mom.

Me (a bit dejected): Well, that’s not the answer I was looking for. I want to know why it isn’t easier.

Erik: I know, Mom, but that’s all I got. You know spiritual beings vibrate at a higher frequency, right?

Me: Yeah, so I’ve heard.

Erik: And that frequency is not in the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum—I mean the visible part for humans.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: So we have to lower our frequency and you have to raise yours to get the visual manifestation you’re looking for.

Me: I guess I’ll just have to keep working on it. Do you think that in the future, they’ll invent some device that’ll allow us to see spiritual beings, like some special goggles or something?

Kim: Very good question. Let’s see.

Erik: Yes, and they’re already working on that—

Kim: Whoa, this is wild! He says there are some spiritual beings in heaven working on that right now.

Erik: Yeah, and one of them in this “think tank” is the spiritual being that was known as Thomas Edison when he was here in his last lifetime.

Me: Oh, okay! That makes sense!

Kim: Whoa, very interesting! Not surprising.

Me: No, not at all! That’d be awesome. I want to sign up for the first pair, be an early adopter.

Erik: It’s not gonna be like that, Mom. It’s not going to be like going to a 3-D movie and putting on those hideous glasses.

Me: Okay, but still—

Erik: It’s gonna be like a chip, a tiny little chip that gets implanted in someone’s head under the scalp where it’s easy to fish out if the person doesn’t want it anymore and so it can be changed out for updates and repairs. It’ll need to be changed out once it starts losing energy.

Me: Um hm.

Erik: Um, it’s gonna be a tiny, tiny chip that looks kinda like a grain of rice.

Me: Cool!

Kim: Very cool!

Erik: Here’s the thing though, Mom. Right now, the spiritual beings are guiding the researchers on the earthly plane to develop this, right?

Me: Yeah, I get that.

Erik: But the researchers think they’re just developing a way to help people who are visually impaired and people with color blindness.

Me: Yeah, your granddad, Poppi, is colorblind. I remember having to sort his socks in special compartments after washing them so he wouldn’t put on blue socks with a black suit.

Erik laughs.

Erik: But those scientists, uh, inventors are going to find out that their subjects are going to have a bigger overhaul in their vision than they were bargaining for. Never mind seeing crisply or being able to separate greens from reds, they’ll be seeing Aunt Sally who died ten years ago!

Me: So cool! I still want one. I’ll even shave my head! Anything to see my baby again.

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