Abilities of the Discarnate and Children

After Erik shared the amazing abilities the unfettered souls have, I felt pretty impotent. Since a single thought can’t put a gourmet meal on the table this evening, I guess I’ll have to slave in the kitchen instead. Actually, we’re having leftovers, so I’m off the hook for one day. But since I can’t think “Fiji Islands” and appear there in a nanosecond, I suppose I’ll have to keep collecting those frequent flyer miles. Gotta work with whatcha got. Hey Iola, do you think they have cabana boys over there too? Just sayin’.

Channeling Transcript

Me: So, Erik, here’s another question we’ve discussed through a different channel, but I’d like to see if you’ve discovered more information on this subject. What are the discarnate soul’s new abilities, and how do they differ from the incarnate soul? You’ve already mentioned how once you crossed over, you found that you could instantly manifest things and travel anywhere with your thoughts, right?

Erik: Yep.

Me: So you can create anything in an instant.

Erik: Uh huh.

Me: Let’s see. I’m trying to remember what else you said. Oh, not having an emotional attachment to past life issues.


Erik (pointing at me): That’s right, but you gotta remember that we don’t lose our character. We kind of combine it with the base self.

Me: Okay.

Erik: You know, cuz we’re looking at losing our incarnation, right? And if we have multiple incarnations at once, which is what we consider past lives, then multiple incarnations could be dying and coming back to base self.

Me: Yeah.


Me: Well, so does each self have a different personality or , uh, I mean, let’s take the whole multidimensional self; does it have a uniqueness about it as a whole, like does your multidimensional self have an Erikness—

Erik: Yes, and—

Me: —or is there one part of your multidimensional self that has an Erikness quality and another part that has another personality, like your evil twin?

Jamie laughs.

Erik (chuckling): No, it all stems from the same thing; it’s all the same DNA, it’s all the same package, but the life that each part of the multidimensional self lives and chooses to live can shape them to have different angers, or loves, or hobbies. The core of it is exactly the same.

Me: I see. So the core is Erik with the Erikness essence or quality

Erik: Yeah, I’m all Erik.

Me: Okay. Anything else different about being discarnate?

(Long pause)

Jamie (chuckling): He pauses; he kind of looks up and goes, “It’s just so much more free!”

Me: Yeah. Must be nice.

Erik: Fuck, yeah!

Me: So what do you and possibly other discarnate spirits miss most about the earthly plane? I know you mentioned before how you miss the anticipation of the unknown, because you don’t have that over there.

Jamie starts to laugh at what Erik’s saying.

Erik (longingly): Food and how food feels in my mouth.

Me (sadly): Awww! (pause) Anything else?

Erik: Yeah. The resistance when you go to touch something. The stop mechanism.

Me: Oh, yeah. Okay. I guess it’s hard to hug us here on the earthly plane when you just pass right through our bodies.

Erik: Yeah, cuz we live in two different dimensions.

(Long pause as Erik thinks.)

Erik: Yeah, that’s my top two, I guess.

Me: Okay, Baby. Let’s go on to children. Why are they so different? They can astral travel more easily, project themselves into others’ dreams, have imaginary friends which I guess means they can see deceased or spirit guides? Why are they so much better at doing that than we are? I know I’ve asked this before, but I want to see what else you’ve learned.

Erik: Two reasons, now. The obvious one is that they’re new to the third dimensional plane.

Me: Um hm.

Erik: Right, so it’s the same as when we die. It takes time for our humanness to wear off, to adjust to our new positioning and to remember our abilities. We talked about this transitional phase before. Same with kids. They get born, and it takes time for them to adjust to their new, narrow-minded, lower vibrational existence.

Jamie (chuckling): He says it with such a dull voice, like monotone.

Me: Like that sound, “wah, wah wahhhhh.” (Sorry folks; I have NO idea how to spell that one!)

Jamie laughs.

Me: You sound like Ben Stein, Erik!

Erik: Yeah, let’s Debbie Downer this.

Me: That’s right! That’s the Debbie Downer sound.

Erik: Second reason: Kids are coming down there with these spiritual memories, because they’re helping with the evolution of the earthly plane.

Me: Um hm.

Erik: And these kids won’t completely lose their memory of how to communicate with the spiritual realm. It’ll be common for them.

Me: Oh, good! But before, we indoctrinated the spiritual abilities and memories right out of them by saying things like, “There are no such things as imaginary friends!”

Erik: Yes, Mom. Exactly. But now that more parents have had these same experiences, they look at their child now with a new respect.

Me: Good!

Erik: And it’s changing from, “A child should be seen and not heard,” to “A child should be heard—and respected.”

Me: Yeah, absolutely.


Me (chuckling): So there is a Santa Claus then! He’s not imaginary! Just kidding.

Erik: Oh, Santa Claus was a real guy, Mom!

That said, I guess we all better be nice, not naughty. Oh wait, according to Erik, there is no naughty, so sin away, people! (grin)


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