Expectation, Focus and Intent

I want to thank everyone for sending Lukas all of the wonderful healing energy. He says he feels so much better. It’s hard to pry much more information out of him since he’s your typical teenage guy, so we’ll see how he responds in the long run. I’d also like to thank everyone for sending love and gratitude to Erik at the preset time we decided upon. I set an alarm on my iPhone and plan to do the same thing every day at noon, CST. Robert says Erik told him it felt like a warm ocean wave washed over him. It was intense, plus he could see the different colors of the loving energy each person sent. Robert might expound on that later. Now, enjoy this very interesting bit on focused intent.

Channeling Transcript

Me: Who are we, really? Is this true: We are consciousness moving through various perspectives experiencing ourselves.

Erik: Damn! Who wrote that?

Me: I don’t remember.

Erik: Yeah Mom, that’s who we are. That pretty much nailed it.

Me Okay, say I’m walking down a path. This is an illusion, right? Am I constantly manifesting the path in front of me as a go? Am I constantly, instantly manifesting each moment that I take a step?

(Long pause)

Jamie (giggling): He’s doing that whole “rub the chin and think” pose.

Me: Okay, in other words, let’s say there’s a mile long path, but I don’t see the last half of the mile in the distance, because I really haven’t created it for myself. Does that last half mile then not exist until I create it during future steps in subsequent moments? Am I constantly updating the length of that path as I go?

Erik: Yeah, sure you’re constantly updating the path, but if you’re sharing space with others who have the same vision—they’re on that same mile walk—like maybe there’s somebody 15 feet in front of you—

Me: Yeah.

Erik: And that’s something they’ve been creating. Since you’re both in the same dimension, you can see what they’ve created. So it’s a universal, uh, a unity point. It’s not just an individual light beam.

Me: Wow, okay. Let’s see, here’s one I’ve asked you before through another channel, Erik, but so many people have this questions so… How come we sometimes get different answers to the same question through different mediums or even different answers to the same question from one medium?

Jamie: Different answers to the same question from the same medium?

Me: You know, like say you ask what your destiny is or what your last life was like. You can get different answers from different mediums and sometimes different answers from the same medium in two different sessions.

Erik: You have to remember that we’re not fixed, Mom. Humans like to see that they’re fixed, because they’re focused on the linear. They think, “what’s said is said, and once I achieve it, I can change goals.” But no, we’re ever-changing. Your own free will or the free will of a stranger 2000 miles away can bump you in a new direction.

Me: So we can change the future. Can we change the past too?

Erik: Yep.

Me: Yeah. So correct me if I’m wrong, Erik. I think what we do is with every thought we create a new probable reality. There are infinite probable pasts; there are infinite probable futures, and maybe infinite probable presents. And depending on what we focus our intent on, we manifest a specific reality that we live in at that moment. That focus collapses the Shrodinger Wave Equation to change the probable into the actual.

Jamie (laughing): He’s applauding you!

Erik: Right, Mom. And every time you ask a different medium or when you go to the same medium, it’s a different moment in your focus.

Me: Oh, okay!

Erik: So the answers have variables, even though on earth, humans want to belive the answers are solid or fixed.

Me: Okay.

Erik: And sometimes you can go to any medium anywhere and get the same answer!

Me: Um hm, because your intent is focused on that probable past or future.

Erik: Exactly.

Me: We’re so difficult, aren’t we? Dang, us human beings. Argh!

Jamie laughs.

Me: I guess it’s just part of being a multidimensional self, you know?

Erik (chuckling): A low multidimensional self!

Me: Yeah, yeah, we don’t see the multidimensional selves that we are.

(Pause as I consider my next question)

Me: Okay, why is it that some people are able to see spirits full on instead of just in the peripheral vision? You know, I can see spirits best in my peripheral vision, but then when I focus on it, it disappears. I think a lot of other people experience this too. Is it because when we focus directly on the spirit energy we tend to filter it through an analytical part of the brain?

Erik: It’s because of expectations.


Me: Um, is that all? Toss me a bone, here, Erik! Feed me more; don’t be shy!

Jamie (laughing): He kind of like whacks himself on the side of the head and goes, “durrrr!”

Jamie and I laugh.

Erik: Well, it’s going back to the same thing we talked about before. If you have an expectation, that means you have a certain limited focus. Like you heard from a friend who can see spirits, and he said, “They look like such and such,” and you go, “Okay, that’s what I’m looking for, then.”

Me: Um hm.

Erik: That’s your first mistake right there. When you put the expectation on it, it really narrows down your experiences. Uncertainty broadens, certainty narrows. Let’s say you’re on that path you just talked about and you focus only on your destination. You’re “certain” that that is where you’re going to go. You expect it.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Think about it, you’re going to miss out on seeing different trees, flowers, animals, and other things along that journey. You’ll completely miss different opportunities, different forks in the road.

Me: So uncertainty is kind of like surrendering, letting go. It opens you up to all sorts of experiences that you wouldn’t have had with blinders on.

Erik: Yep. You gotta stay open minded. So if you want to see—

Jamie (perplexed): Really, Erik?

(Long pause as Jamie listens)

Jamie: Um, I’m drilling him.

I giggle.

Jamie: Oh, because the way he explained it was, “If you want to see, it’s best to have less expectations, and whenever you experience something, you digest it for yourself, you don’t compare it to anybody else. Everybody has the capability of seeing spirits, moving energy through the body to heal. Um, I mean, he’s going through all these examples of seeing colors, hearing spirits talk to you in your head and outside your head.

Erik: The human body is structured to have all these abilities. The only thing that can take it away from you is YOU!

Me: Mm.

Erik: You can completely get in your own way with your beliefs, your expectations and your intent, your focus.  These can shut you off, shut your abilities down.


Erik: Fear can also shut it off—being completely scared of what you might see or know or find out about yourself. That’s belief-based.

Me: So what you’re saying is expectations narrow your vibrations and what you’re able to receive. Wanting something so badly, like a grieving parent, that will narrow things. Your beliefs, they form certain expectations, because you expect to receive something that aligns with your rigid belief system. Fear, I guess that’s sort of an expectation that something bad might happen. It’s all about expectation which is a form of limited intent or focus, right?

Erik: Yes! Yes!

Me: Okay, interesting. Gosh, I sounded a lot smarter than I really am right then. Must be channeled!

Erik: Mom, you could write that down on a piece of paper again and again and again, and people could read it and still find something new in that sentence and how it’s expressed.

Don’t forget, guys: Noon central time, one to two minutes of love and gratitude to Erik. If we get really good at this, we can reach out and do the same to people who desperately (or even not so desperately) need healing. (But I don’t expect miraces, hee hee)

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