Animal and Alien Thoughts

Some of you commented that you had trouble seeing the orb video, because the window was too small. Again, you have two options. You can right click on it to download it to your desktop and open it in Quicktime, or you can click on the little arrows on the lower righthand corner to open it … Continue reading

How Does the Universe Work?

I know this post is about the inner workings of the Universe, but I want to begin by clearing up some questions stirred up from a previous post. Do you all remember that controversial one awhile back about the abusers and the abused? Some of you wondered how that could possibly apply to children … Continue reading

Dust Bunnies and Skateboards

Depending on how crazy things get tomorrow, I may or may not post on Thanksgiving, but know that I'll be wishing you a wonderful day, thinking about you all with your arm elbow deep in a turkey fishing out that heart, squishy liver and nasty giblets. :) Have fun cleaning all those dishes! Me: How … Continue reading